Who is Vyacheslav Sobolev, whose child was killed in the shelling of a car in Kiev

Кто такой Вячеслав Соболев, чей ребенок погиб в результате обстрела авто в Киеве

On the evening of 1 December in Kiev fired a luxury Range Rover SUV. At this time the car was driving, the Deputy of the Kiev regional Council Vyacheslav Sobolev together with 3-year-old son Alexander. Unfortunately, the child died. Who is this Vyacheslav Sobolev – read our material.

Biography Vyacheslav Sobolev: what is known about him

Sobolev – 47. He was born in Yenakievo Donetsk region. Sobolev is a Ukrainian economist, candidate of economic Sciences, entrepreneur.

Sobolev is now a Deputy of the Kyiv regional Council. Chose it in 2015. It is included into fraction “Solidarity” (political force of the fifth President Peter Proseka), is a member of the Committee on budget and Finance.

Campaigning Vyacheslav Sobolev

Political career of Vyacheslav Sobolev

Policy it started in 2002, when he was elected Deputy of city Council from electoral district # 64 (Petrovsky district of Donetsk). Also in the 2000s he was Deputy mayor of Donetsk. From 2006 to 2007, he worked in the national security Council and defense of Ukraine.

According to media reports, Sobolev at the time was the Director of subsidiary of”Naftogaz” – “naftogazmerezhi”. In 2010 – 2011 he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board, and later Chairman of the Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”. But left the “Naftogaz” after coming to power of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych. After engaged in teaching.

What is known about the economic activities of Sobolev and related scandals

Sobolev is the owner of the Kiev restaurant “Mario”. The shooting occurred after the man was traveling with his family from this place. Another interesting fact about the restaurant “Mario”. In Kiev it is called “the meeting place of different notorious personalities”. In addition, this school often picket as a hotbed of separatism.

Also with the name Sobolev is associated a network of supermarkets “Glutton” – he is its founder. Interestingly, the “Glutton” is still working in the occupied Donbas. Although the politician claims that these stores do not belong to him and he sold them in 2007 because they went bankrupt. The publication of “may day news” writes that in the fake “DNR” supermarkets “Glutton” is still associated with Sobolev. And these shops sell everything that you bring in non-government controlled territory contraband by without paying taxes in Ukraine, and share with the militants a profit. Journalists are convinced that the Sobolev personally know people who now “hold” Donetsk.

By the way, according to journalists channel 24, the Ukrainian security services previously suspected Sobolev espionage in favor of Russia and financing of the militants through a “Glutton”. At the same time, law enforcement thought that he could have Russian citizenship.

According to journalists, in 2017 Sobolev did not specify in its return for the previous year funds placed on the accounts in Swiss Bank UBS. In addition, it is also not indicated in the list controlled by the Cyprus company Lamedon. It is here transferred the money from the activities of its business on non-government controlled areas of the occupied Donbass

What is known about the personal life of Vyacheslav Sobolev

Sobolev married. However, this is his second wife. Media write that the first time he married the widow of one of the Donetsk criminal boss and have new opportunities in so-called “Donetsk establishment”. The second his fiancee – ex-wife of singer Nikolai Baskov and part of the notorious daughter of Russian Senator and pharmaceuticals tycoon Boris Spiegel.

With Svetlana Spiegel from Sobolev five children – three sons and two daughters. Killed the younger Alexander.

Fired at the car of Deputy Soboleva in Kiev, killing his 3-year-old son – video

Кто такой Вячеслав Соболев, чей ребенок погиб в результате обстрела авто в Киеве

Кто такой Вячеслав Соболев, чей ребенок погиб в результате обстрела авто в Киеве

Кто такой Вячеслав Соболев, чей ребенок погиб в результате обстрела авто в Киеве