Who needs a sick wife – the husband of Lolita Milavskaya unhappy wife

Кому нужна больная жена - муж Лолиты Милявской недоволен супругой

Husband of Lolita Milavskaya watching her health. It is reported StarHit.

In 2010, the year Lolita was married to a sportsman Dmitry Ivanov and nine years, the couple lives in perfect harmony. This marriage became her fifth. The husband tries to take care sweetheart and monitor its health and makes sports, requests in a timely manner to go to the doctors and eat right. Speaking to reporters, the singer told how the husband is going through, if she’s been traveling. Even recently set a severe condition: the wife needs to speak less and rest more.

Initially, the star was horrified by such a statement, because she loves the stage and always enjoys meeting with the fans. However, after analyzing the words of Dmitry, Lolita decided to surrender and cancelled scheduled concerts in may. In addition, she had to revise tour schedule for the summer.

“May holidays decided to have a rest, the husband would kill me if I will work in these days. Otherwise it’s really rough on my health, and it subsequently family relationship. Who needs a sick wife? The head is still okay,” says IBA.

Such a dramatic ultimatum from the man she loved came after, like last year during a speech in Belarus, Lolita felt sick and went backstage. She had jumped sharply the pressure, and the concert had to be cancelled, and arrived a few hours soon brought the artist to life. After a few days she went to the doctors because he found out about the poor analysis and lack of iron in the body. After the treatment, everything returned to normal. “Now for life you need every morning to drink his blood-pressure pill that I was prescribed by a doctor in the clinic,” – says the singer.

In addition, recently Dmitry has experienced a lot of stress: he almost lost his brother. IBA said that the doctors been trying for two months to give him an accurate diagnosis, but nothing worked. Came to the aid of Anita Tsoy, who found the necessary specialists and they were able to detect the problem. It turned out, all because of a tick which bit the man. According to Lolita, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia ceased to cultivate the fields and gardens, and now every summer there are many mites that can be found even in the Central parks.

In free time the artist will appear after the canceled concerts, she plans to pursue the land in the country: to build greenhouses and grow vegetables. Palladium with a laugh says, recently issued a pension, and it got a free ticket. Now the singer wants to use it to ride with my friend in public transport.

Кому нужна больная жена - муж Лолиты Милявской недоволен супругой

Кому нужна больная жена - муж Лолиты Милявской недоволен супругой