Who owns the Crimea: the athlete has given or is not the best answer to this question – 24 Channel

Кому належить Крим: спортсмен дав чи не найкращу відповідь на це питання - 24 Канал

Kickboxer and former soldier of the naval forces of Ukraine Pavel “Caiman” Zhuravlev said that Crimea is de jure is Ukrainian but de facto Russian, and there’s nothing you can do about it, because for the Kremlin, this question was Pridorogin, so he is increasing their power. Ukraine, on the other hand, it by military means will not return, so the official Kiev is only to create radically different conditions for life.

He told this in an interview to “Tribune”.

“When you come back to Crimea, I see that there are people who simply convey their point of view, and there are those who just shout and argue. I have friends with both Pro-Ukrainian and Narochansky position. I have no right to evaluate them. What is the main for the average person? Fed children, social benefits and not to shoot. To show something is difficult, people are lost. They do not know where their homeland“, – said the athlete.

According to him, most people on the Peninsula are all born in the USSR and after its collapse, not everyone was happy that I was in Ukraine – “lived with this idea, and now pulled it from the subconscious”.

“I have no such contact. Others say that just don’t want to live in Ukraine – they are not close to the Ukrainian language, but they don’t want to kill anyone. You have to make arguments. For all time, Ukraine has done nothing to these people changed their minds. What can be claim? Claims can only be to people in shoulder straps”, – stressed the kickboxer.

Also Pavel Zhuravlev clarify the eternal question, which is so loved by the journalists ask athletes, especially Aleksandr Usik – refers to “Whose Crimea?”.

Understand why it (the Tendril – 24 channel) I put this question. Journalists want to do a HYIP. Mustache already got this question, and any answers find a scandal. While such a response can not find fault. But in light of recent events he can ask another question: “Church of the Kiev or Moscow Patriarchate?” But if you think that the Crimea is Ukrainian, then sit down and go there. What is there currency? What laws apply? So whose Crimea?
– said the athlete.

According to him, the Peninsula de jure is Ukrainian but de facto Russian.

“I don’t see options to in the near future something has changed. For Russia it is a question of principle. There are increasing military forces, establish new system of equipment for defense. I can say that the Crimea was annexed. There are laws of the Russian Federation,” added the native of the Peninsula.

Also, the fighter said, often happens in the Crimea, and sees that there are many of those who is categorically against Ukraine.

What to do? The military decision of his not to take. Only to create radically different conditions for life on the mainland. That the people themselves wanted to return. For me it is very important that there is btvs. But for people who live for 70 dollars per month pension, he is not needed. Important to them is the bill for communal. I understand that it can be in the price – it is necessary to align energy market and the real estate, but then wages should make the relevant,
summed up Pavel Zhuravlev.

We will remind, Pavel Zhuravlev also shared his thoughts about the attack of Russia to Ukraine near Kerch Strait. The fact that he served in the Navy and is a graduate of the Academy of a name of Nakhimov in Sevastopol, and then, all those sailors on both sides of the fence knows very well.

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