Who refused to pay the PACE Russia has estimated debt of Ukraine to the CIS – rossm

Отказавшаяся платить ПАСЕ Россия подсчитала долг Украины перед СНГ - росСМИ

Refused to pay dues to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Russia, part of the debt which had paid Ukraine (400 thousand euros from 70 million euros of the debt – ed.), “remembered” about the obligations of Kiev in the CIS.

“Their capital contribution to the common budget of CIS bodies Ukraine ceased to pay more in 2014. To date, the amount of the non-remitted funds, i.e. the actual debt of Kiev is more than 300 million rubles ($ 4,608 million – ed.)”, – told “Izvestia” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The size of the debt before the unified budget of the CIS and the procedure for its payment are determined by decision of the Council of heads of governments of the Commonwealth, says the Russian foreign Ministry. And claim that today “this decision in relation to Ukraine was not accepted”.

In addition, the Russian dipvedomstva argue that the Commonwealth has not received any official notification about the withdrawal of Ukraine and de jure it continues to be a member of the CIS.

“Despite repeated statements by Kiev authorities about the intention to end the relationship, no formal notification of Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth in the CIS Executive Committee was received. Kiev also is not officially out of the branch tips… Ukraine de jure continues to be a full-fledged state party to the CIS”, – said in a statement.

In Russia also do not see any obstacles for further full membership of Ukraine in the CIS, and lay the responsibility for the preservation of Ukraine’s membership in the Commonwealth on “the political will of the new government.”

“Ukraine is regularly invited to the meetings of the higher statutory bodies, informed about their results etc…. No obstacles to full participation of Ukraine in Commonwealth no. Thus, the question of the continuation of work in the Commonwealth is entirely dependent on the political will of the new Ukrainian authorities,” – said in depodesta.

The Russian foreign Ministry also complained about the fact that in 2014 Ukraine took a course on consecutive decrease of the activity in CIS, and last year closed offices in CIS and early termination of several agreements in the framework of the Commonwealth. “Forgetting” to clarify that the decision of the official Kyiv was a response to the annexation of Crimea and waged in the Donbass war.