Who should not use is a pumpkin

Кому противопоказано есть тыкву

Medicorum continues a series of publications about the properties of pumpkin is a vegetable that has anti-aging properties. But in some cases there are contraindications.

Scientists call pumpkin a unique vegetable, which has useful properties, is filled with minerals and vitamins. But, like every vegetable, drink it is contraindicated for some categories of citizens.

Part of the vegetable also includes vitamin A and E, each of which has its beneficial effect on the organism, increasing its protective function and improving appearance.

In a number of nutrients, pumpkin is also Niacin, which helps to prevent heart attacks, has a beneficial impact on vision carotene and vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting.

Pumpkin is a storehouse of starch, organic acids, dietary fiber, protein and so on.

In short, pumpkin is a very useful product which is useful for people of all ages.

But, doctors say, there are contra-indications. So, pumpkin is not recommended for stomach ulcers, gastritis, people who have violated the acid-alkaline balance. It is not recommended to eat it and people with individual intolerance substances included in the chemical composition of the vegetable.

It is also worth to note that pumpkin seeds has a lot of acids which negatively affect the condition of tooth enamel.