Who will spend in China, the investigation on the causes of the pandemic COVID-19 – media

ВОЗ проведет в Китае расследование относительно истоков пандемии COVID-19 - СМИ

Experts are expected to meet in Beijing with their Chinese counterparts and to determine the scope and conditions of activity of the international mission who.

Two experts from the world health organization (who) today, 10 July, went to China to start preparatory work on the organization of the investigation of the origin of the pandemic COVID-19.

Zoologist and epidemiologist needs to meet in Beijing with their Chinese counterparts and to determine the scope and terms of the international activities of the who mission, which aims to establish how the virus was transmitted from animals to humans.

Scientists believe that the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 could be common among bats, and then passed to the people with the mediation of some mammals, such as pangolins. As a possible site of the first infection first the attention of researchers was attracted by the fish market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where he also sold wild animals. But now it became known about the earlier cases, therefore, the transfer of virus to human could happen elsewhere. In order to avoid further outbreaks, China has closed down some markets and banned wildlife trade.

In February, China was already visited by a delegation of who and its Director, a canadian doctor and Aylward, praised the efforts of China to curb the pandemic. In may more than 120 countries have called for an investigation of the origin of the coronavirus. China then insisted that the investigation can be carried out after the pandemic is brought under control, and it should be under the auspices of who.

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