Who’s Immortal novel: what is known about dismissed the representative of Ukraine in the TAG

Кто такой Роман Бессмертный: что известно об уволенном представителе Украины в ТКГ

Immortal novel stayed on the post of the negotiator in Minsk long – almost 2 months. Under the presidency of Poroshenko, he also was part of the TAG, however, longer – for a year. 24 channel offers to read a brief biography of the Roman Immortal.

Biography Of The Roman Immortal

Roman Bezsmertny was born 15 November 1965 in the village Motyzhin of Makariv district in Kyiv region.

Higher education Immortal got at the Kiev pedagogical Institute named after M. Dragomanov, he is the specialty – the teacher of history. He graduated in 1990. The training was interrupted because from 1983 to 1985 he served in the army.

In 1997 he defended his thesis on “Socio-political structure of Ukrainian society (concept series)” at the Institute for national relations and political science of the national Academy of Sciences.

Family and Hobbies of the candidate

The first wife of the Roman Immortal, Lyudmila, – the teacher of history. From this marriage he has a daughter Lily.

His present wife Tatiana Mokridi. Married and has twin daughters Elizabeth and Anastasia.

Immortal is fond of football and classical music, collects vinyl records.


First novel Immortal worked in the specialty – the teacher of history in Borodyansky secondary school №2. There are self-created regional exposure.

Now the Immortal is a lecturer and honorary Professor of Kyiv national University of culture and arts.

Political career

Since 1994 the Immortals – the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. For the first time in Parliament it passed by majority constituency in his native Makarov district. At the time the policy was 28 years old on election he was nominated by the “Ukrainian Republican party”.

It should be noted that Immortal is one of the main authors of the Constitution of Ukraine.

1997 Immortal – the constant representative of President Kuchma in the Verkhovna Rada. In this post, the politician was until April 2002.

In 1998, the policies it passes again in Parliament, however, already lists people’s democratic party”. It was during the second term Immortal in the Parliament begins its long-term work with the then Prime Minister and later President Viktor Yushchenko and his party “Our Ukraine”.

It is the list of the party is Immortal in the third time passes in the Parliament in 2002.

In the presidential election of 2004 Immortal he led the election headquarters of Yushchenko. And during the events of the Orange revolution, the politician plays the role of commandant of the tent town on the Maidan.

The Ministerial armchair politician received in 2005. So, in the governments of Tymoshenko and Yekhanurov, he held the position of Vice Prime Minister for administrative and territorial reform.

In April 2007, Yushchenko has appointed the Immortal Deputy head of the presidential Secretariat of Ukraine. This position he held until may 2009. Subsequently, returned again to party work: worked as the head of Executive Committee “Our Ukraine”.

During the presidency of Yanukovych Immortal was appointed the Ambassador of Ukraine in Belarus. This position he held for only a year. During the events that occurred before and after the presidential elections in 2010, he was in agreement with the European diplomatic corps, which did not recognize the victory of Alexander Lukashenko. So, Immortal as the Ambassador missed his inauguration.

In 2015 at the invitation of Petro Poroshenko Immortal joins the Minsk group on the Donbas. During the negotiation process, he insisted on the need for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages. In addition, advocated the development of a strategy for reintegration of Donbass and Crimea. Just a year due to disagreements with President Poroshenko Immortal leaves the contact group.

In 2018, after a lull and are probably announcing their own nomination as a presidential candidate, the Immortal in a broadcast on Ukrainian television said that he is”tired to assists those who can’t shoot”.

In 2019 he ran in the presidential election. In his election program policies offered Ukraine to pass to dialogue with Russia and residents of the occupied territories for the liberation of prisoners and the gradual reintegration of the occupied territories.

The scandals associated with the Immortal

Policy was often accused that he worked for Kuchma. Even during the “cassette scandal” associated with the disappearance of Georgy Gongadze, a politician was vigorously supported the second President of Ukraine.

Despite the acquisition of fame, the “gray cardinal”, in particular, during operation in the “Our Ukraine” to the Immortal attached to the mark of the loser. So, in 2006, when the Immortal was the head of election campaign of “Our Ukraine”, the party was able to obtain in the parliamentary elections only 3 place. So in the Immortal Parliament spent only 80 deputies (total number of beds amounted to 450). Then, in the failure of the accused that is Immortal.

Bad relationship have a policy with another candidate – Yulia Tymoshenko.

It is Immortal Tymoshenko was accused of involvement in his resignation from the position of Prime Minister in 2015.

The politician has repeatedly stated that Tymoshenko is not suited for the role of Prime Minister.

Another scandal with Immortal broke out in October 2017. On one of the talk shows initiative Immortal in the framework of the contact group on the Donbas sharply criticized.

So, the policy was accused that he offered to sit at the same negotiating table with representatives of the occupation administration in Marinka.

In response, the Immortal said that only 46 thousand from 2.8 million people in the Donbass can bring direct fault that they are fighting against Ukraine.

The incomes policy

The Declaration of the Novel Immortal is quite modest. So, in 2017, the politician declared three land plots in Kiev region with a total area of 22 500 square meters, a house of 100 square meters and an apartment in Kiev with an area of 1 200 square meters.

As Immortal stated 269 162 hryvnia wages, 130 965 – wages received by part-time and 17 050 UAH of insurance payments received by his wife.

The candidate keeps on account of “the State export-import Bank of Ukraine” 73 895 UAH, in “PrivatBank” – 75 110 hryvnia. Cash Immortal holds 7 thousand dollars to 115 thousand hryvnia.

The politician also declared a collection of antique books and Chopard watches that belong to his wife.

Has a car Mercedes-Benz S 500 2005 release.

Participation in the Minsk talks in the cadence Zelensky

In July 2019 Vladimir Zelensky appointed Immortal in the pipeline. So he actually returned it in the negotiation process, from which he was released in 2016.

For a short period in this position Immortal managed to stand out in several statements that contradicted the official position of the team of Vladimir Zelensky. For example, he expressed the belief that the lifting of the blockade of Donbass will be primarily beneficial for Russia. In addition, he recently said that Ukraine should stop talks in Minsk.

Кто такой Роман Бессмертный: что известно об уволенном представителе Украины в ТКГ

Кто такой Роман Бессмертный: что известно об уволенном представителе Украины в ТКГ

Кто такой Роман Бессмертный: что известно об уволенном представителе Украины в ТКГ

Кто такой Роман Бессмертный: что известно об уволенном представителе Украины в ТКГ