Who’s Jeff Bezos: biography and success secrets of the richest man in the world

Кто такой Джефф Безос: биография и секреты успеха самого богатого человека планеты

January 13, the world’s richest man, founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos turns 55. And though now the name is associated only with a scandalous divorce, but the story of his success is impressive.

Recall after 25 years of marriage, Bezos decided to divorce his wife Mackenzie Bezos.

The childhood and youth of Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born January 12, 1964, in the American town of Albuquerque in new Mexico. The guy’s family on the maternal side were among the first settlers of Texas. When Jeff was only 4 years old when his mother married a Cuban immigrant, Miguel Bezos, who adopted the boy.

Bezos earlier expressed interest in the technology. After school he wandered around the house with a screwdriver in search of work for the inquiring mind and nimble hands. In his room, he disassembled and assembled all that were able to reach.

His parents at that time worked in a Bank and studied at the University, and they are 5 years claimed the guy “you’re big, you’re our support, all hope for you.” And Jeff seriously began to think about his future. He was locked in a room and inventing various fantastic things: a solar cell foil and an umbrella, the doorbell out of an old alarm clock and other small items. Later, his father gave him for experiments in the garage (it seems that all Americans prefer to invent different devices in sheds that smelt of gasoline and rusty metal).

Кто такой Джефф Безос: биография и секреты успеха самого богатого человека планеты

Jeff Bezos in childhood and older age

Every summer Jeff went to the ranch and along with his grandfather have been involved in some of their antics. They have perfected the windmill, minicombi, crawler tractor.

A few months after completion of training in school Bezos, without any trouble, he enrolled in Princeton University, Department of electronic instrumentation and Informatics of the faculty of physics, who successfully graduated in 1986 with a “red” diploma and insignia from the academic society Phi Beta Kappa.

To make Jeff Bezos at the University was marred by the rather surprising discovery was that the world is a bunch of guys who are much better versed in the laws of physics. So Jeff has decided to focus its attention on issues of computer support. In this area was somewhat less than the density of geniuses and anticipated increased demand for professionals with high level of service.

Career and as Jeff Bezos

By the beginning of 1994, Bezos has worked on wall street in various positions. He worked on the development of a network for international trade, and later took the post of Vice-President D. E. Shaw & Co, which he left in the summer of 1994.

At the end of 1994, while traveling across the country from new York to Seattle, Bezos founded online store Amazon.com initial investments of $ 300 thousand dollars. The website launched on 16 July 1995, although at that time it was not until the end made: for example, the site could order a negative quantity of books, but Bezos himself is motivated by the need to stay ahead of the competition.

The company started as an online bookstore and has expanded to sales of a large range of products and services including video and audio broadcast. At the moment it is the world’s largest company in the field of Internet Commerce, as well as the world’s largest provider of cloud services through Amazon Web Services. In 1997, the company Amazon.com went IPO. And in 1999, the American magazine Time named Bezos person of the year.

Кто такой Джефф Безос: биография и секреты успеха самого богатого человека планеты

Jeff Bezos founded an aerospace company, Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos has expanded its business interests in 2000, I founded the aerospace company Blue Origin. Blue Origin began test flights into space in 2015, and plans to start commercial suborbital flights with humans in the end of 2018.

In 2013, Bezos for $ 250 million was bought by an American publishing house for The Washington Post. It also manages other business investment through his venture Fund, Bezos Expeditions.

24 November 2017 Bezos became the richest man of the planet Earth with the state of 100,3 billion dollars. On 10 Jan 2018 his condition was 106 billion dollars. In this ranking, the founder of the Amazon managed to beat bill gates with a fortune of 93.3 billion dollars, and Warren Buffett – 87,3 billion, which for many years took first and second place respectively. By June 2018 as Bezos rose to 139 billion $ 600 million and he took first place in rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and 5th place in the ranking of the most influential people in the world of 2018, according to Forbes.

16 Jul 2018 Jeff Bezos topped the list of the richest people in the world by Bloomberg, according to him, the fortune amounted to $ 150 billion.

Success secrets from Jeff Bezos

1. Carefully choose a husband or wife

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos married for 24 years. Before meeting with Mackenzie Jeff repeatedly tried to establish privacy. Even on the recommendation of friends went on a blind date. But to no avail. Only later it turned out that he was looking for in women certain traits – the ability to be a Muse and ingenuity.

I needed a woman who could get me out of the category of second-class people, give me idea, to help in its implementation. With Mackenzie I was just a couple of sentences to understand – she is inventive, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. No options.

Кто такой Джефф Безос: биография и секреты успеха самого богатого человека планеты

Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie

2. Refrain from multitasking

“I try to do things in turn. If you dine with friends or family I eat lunch. If you read the email I’m reading? And I don’t want to be distracted by anything else. I like the maximum concentration on what I’m doing.”

3. Prefer risk and adventure, instead of comfortable inaction

Each of us has two stories, which can develop our life story. First – life is safe and comfortable. The second tiskovna, full of experiments, UPS and downs. Bezos clearly chooses the second option.

Describing the path that led Bezos to create Amazon, a businessman says:

I knew that when I’m 80, I won’t be sorry you took a chance. Just seeing what the Internet represents, I realized this is exactly what can turn my life around. You only need to get involved. Even if I failed, I would despise myself less than if I didn’t try. In business the question is often asked: “Why?” That’s a good question. But far more important: “Why not?”

4. Always have alternative options

To the question, whoever he was, if the idea with Amazon was defeated, Bezos gives two answer.

“Most likely, I’d be a very happy programmer. I don’t know how to start from scratch.”

I have a fantasy that I could become a bartender. A very good bartender. However, very slow. I like to prepare cocktails, I approach this with great care, as to art. I would have made the slowness of his piece. In my bar I would hang a sign: “You want it to be fast or it to be okay?”

5. Remember: defeat is necessary in order to learn from them

In the approach to the upbringing of their children Jeff and his wife use is quite controversial, but effective methods. So, Bezos allowed the heirs to use sharp knives to 4 years. Later the children got access to power tools.

What most responsible parents would be stirred the hair on the head, Jeff justifies as follows:

Who does not make mistakes and does not feel the bitterness and pain from your mistakes, you lose the opportunity to learn. I would prefer to be the father of a child with nine fingers than the child who is not able to know the real world.

6. Balance between work and life

Bezos is a supporter of the concept of work-life balance.

Кто такой Джефф Безос: биография и секреты успеха самого богатого человека планеты

Jeff Bezos – the richest man in the world

“In this context, I like “balance” and “harmony”. Work and personal life should be independent and at the same time complement each other like Yin and Yang. If I’m happy at home, it makes me a better employee, a better boss at work. If I’m productive and in demand at work, it makes me more balanced and positive husband and father at home.”

7. Keep children’s curiosity

“The world is so complex that sometimes you have to become a true expert in a particular case, to find a solution. Unfortunately, once you become an expert, you run the risk of being trapped in a dogma of information. You start to know exactly “how to” and lose the ability to figure out, “how could”. Not to get on this deep dogmatic way, which is then very difficult to curtail, it is important to keep children’s curiosity. Again and again to force myself to ask the question: “is it possible to do so? How about this? And what happens if”.

All inventors and discoverers of the world are experts with the thinking of absolute beginners. They do not get tired to be surprised and to seek new ways even where the dogma has paved highways”.

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