Who’s Lisa su: the biography of a woman who manages the Corporation AMD

Кто такая Лиза Су: биография женщины, которая руководит корпорацией AMD

AMD occupies a prominent place among manufacturers of graphics processors and increases its quarterly profit. However, few people know that behind the success of the chipmaker it is a woman – President and CEO Lisa su.

Techno 24 have prepared for you a biography of a woman who manages one of the largest manufacturers of graphics processors.

Childhood and adolescence Lisa su

Lisa su was born in November 1969 (unfortunately, the exact woman’s date of birth is not known, or she hides it) in the town of Tainan (Taiwan). When she was only three years old, her family emigrated to the United States. Father of Lisa su, a former statistician, and his mother worked as an accountant and then became an entrepreneur.

Since childhood Lisa su promoted to practice math. First she learnt this science from his father and then the mother told the little girl about how to build your business. Since childhood, Lisa was keen on engineering because “she showed a lot of curiosity to how things work”. In 10 years, it was disassembled and repaired brother machine with remote control and got my first computer in high school (Apple II).

Кто такая Лиза Су: биография женщины, которая руководит корпорацией AMD

Lisa su at the presentation of AMD

Lisa su studied at the Bronx High School of Science in new York and received a diploma in 1986. In addition, she received a bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering at mit.

Career Lisa Su

In February 1995 Lisa su began work in IBM, taking up research in physics of the devices. There she worked for 13 years in various management positions related to engineering and business, including the position of Vice President at the Center for scientific research semiconductors, which set the strategic direction of development of silicon technology, IBM, have created alliances for the joint development of products and was engaged in research of semiconductors.

Кто такая Лиза Су: биография женщины, которая руководит корпорацией AMD

Lisa su, AMD is headed in 2014

Lisa su became known for work on technologies for the production of silicon on insulator and more efficient semiconductor chips, as Vice President of Semiconductor Research and Development Center at IBM.

After that, she worked for 5 years as senior Vice President and General Manager for networking and multimedia systems at the company Freescale Semiconductor.

In January 2012, Lisa su joined AMD management team. At first she was senior Vice President of global business units for AMD, and then chief operating officer. Her duties included maintaining the full cycle of activities of AMD on the creation of products and solutions. In addition, she served as Director of production and was responsible for the integration of the structural units of AMD, the sales Department, the office of global operations and technology infrastructure into a single structure, market-oriented and responsible for all aspects of the strategy related to the manufacture and sale of finished products.

Кто такая Лиза Су: биография женщины, которая руководит корпорацией AMD

Lisa su at a young age

And in October 2014 she was asked to lead the company AMD. She now holds the position of President and CEO of AMD.

Family ties Lisa su, Director of NVIDIA – Juan Unsure

In early June, the Chinese media has shared interesting information about the family ties of heads of the leading companies in the industry of video processors. It turned out that Lisa su is a distant relative of Juan Unsure, head of NVIDIA Corporation.

Кто такая Лиза Су: биография женщины, которая руководит корпорацией AMD

The head of NVIDIA Juan Jenison

According to the journalists, grandfather of Lisa su is the brother of the mother Unsure. However, executives do not comment on such statements by journalists.

Most likely, in Taiwan on the relationships between Lisa su and Juan Unsure knew long ago. In 2014, immediately after the appointment of Lisa su to the post of chief Executive officer of AMD, spoke about the Taiwan edition of CW.

Funny interview with Lisa su watch the video

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