Why a cat may bite the hand petted

Почему кошка может укусить за руку, когда ее гладишь

Cat – expressive and unpredictable animals. And if 5 minutes ago she gave herself to Pat, it does not mean that she can’t scratch or bite much. Understand, why is this happening, and if all the cats in a similar way react to the affection.

Wrong socialization

Most owners are such lovely, proud and affectionate Pets, like cats, don’t even try to understand the psychology of their Pets. But they never do anything just like that, including not attacking.

And if meowing lump suddenly froze, his pupils dilated, ears or tail twitching, it means that the animal fretting. What could cause “anger,” pet:

the excess of the required level of physical contact;

unpleasant or even painful sensations;

the desire to re-occupy the leading position.

In addition, cats can aggressively respond to affection and in that case, if they were improperly socialized during childhood.

For example, if you bring home an adult, lived all his life on the street, it almost certainly will be quite “cool” to refer to the owners.

To correct this problem with training. Animal primenyaetsya favorite “sweets”, neatly ironed (at least a few times on the back) and released “into the wild” after a meal.

After repeated repetition of this procedure, the pet will develop certain reflex: delicious food = the affection of the owner. It will become much more loyal attitude to the touch, and, perhaps, love them.

Even the smallest kittens you need to contact the person at least 10 minutes a day. Otherwise, the achievement of 7-9 months, an animal can become fearful, aggressive and unable to move home.

The sensitivity threshold

Cats have a good powerful short-term and long-term memory. For example: short-term memory of the dog helps to keep her mind certain information in no more than 5 minutes.

And some members of the cat family remember earlier past event to 16 hours.

Accordingly, if the cat has recently received verbal or physical abuse, then it can be quite a negative attitude to the master’s caresses, even if the owner decided to pet the animal a few hours after the incident.

Negative experience associated with stroking human hand and the subsequent troubles, the cat can get on the street and in the office of a veterinarian. Perhaps this recollection makes the pet is suddenly scratching and biting the owner.

Also a pet may abruptly discontinue formal “grace” because of their overabundance. The cat or the cat is corny annoying when you stroke them at the same place. And the bite in this case is analogous to the words “stop it”.

The cat hurt

All animals are exactly like humans, capable of feeling pain. And how man reacts to the touch, for example, to the hand that hurts? He issued the so-called “cry of pain”, suspended, and in some cases even swears.

Cats can bite the hand of the owner for the same reason. That may disturb the cat.

ear infections;


cervical arthritis;

joint pain and many others. etc.

Accordingly, if the stroking certain parts of the body the animal moves quietly, and touching the others cause he had a sharp, negative reaction, then it’s time to go to the vet.

Not only pain can make the cat or the cat bite the master’s hand. Another reason that could provoke the aggression of the pet, maybe static electricity that occurs between the hand and hair.