Why a woman doesn’t want sex: five main reasons

Почему женщина не хочет интима: пять главных причин

Psychologists who worked on compiling this list, note that, of course, each case is individual, however, there are similarities and patterns that can not be overlooked.

A long-term relationship

Women sometimes lose their sexual drive because of the responsibility they feel towards their partner. Household chores, daily worries and habits – all of it dampens. Everything takes off from her shoulders the burden of responsibility, helps her to feel sexual desire.

The lack of foreplay

Foreplay takes many people no less and sometimes even more fun than sex itself. And for many women the lack of foreplay is really becoming a serious problem.

The sign of equality between the orgasm and pleasure

Many people believe that sex is good if both have reached orgasm, or other obvious result. In reality, however, the pleasure gets a pair, is not limited by time intercourse. But women are often mistaken, thinking that the man wants everything every time, and men too, sometimes enough to feel the closeness of a woman, to feel her presence. Here and really foggy area when a man hugs and kisses a woman, he may not want anything else, but when his excitement grows, he doesn’t understand why needs to stop.

Sex out of obligation

Women are so anxious to be good, that is not conscious of their desires. When they think about sex, I immediately start to think about what he wants. And it’s not that a man behaves incorrectly: well, when men continue to desire their wives and girlfriends. Now, if that desire disappears, then worry.

Ignorance of the nature of female sexuality.

Female sexual desire is subjective and vague. Focus on sex and genitals – this is more of a masculine approach. In women, the desire disappears easier than men, however, and return it easier.