Why another scandal will come “servants” with hands – opinion

Почему очередной скандал сойдет "слугам" с рук, - мнение

The recent scandal associated with the talking head of the party “servant of the people,” Alexander Kornienko David Arakhamiya about female colleagues, reveals the essence of the party.

This opinion was expressed by “Apostrophe” political expert at the International centre for policy studies, Igor Petrenko.

“It turns out that it consists of heaps of random people from several castes: the highest is that can afford to say anything, and there is lower who can only listen,” he said.

This Petrenko expressed doubt that the scandal will affect the ranking “public Servants”.

“But I doubt that the scandal will affect the ranking “public Servants”. I saw that society was a serious response to such statements. In fact, as they wrote in the rough copies that male talk is “okay”, they must be treated with a smile. So society and embraced the situation. The majority believes that this is unacceptable, but it was fine,” says the political expert.

However, Alexander Kornienko has demonstrated a certain political culture and attitude towards their colleagues.

“Plus, Kornienko had no intent – he came out and did not tell that, say, Allahverdiyev – “the woman-fire, ship pine” and so on. He said it in a private conversation that was overheard. Of course, this is a demonstration of a certain political culture, the relationship to their colleagues. This issue of gender and social inequality – you’re an MP, it is MP, you are in equal conditions. Obviously this is unacceptable things, but they were rather due to political inexperience,” said Petrenko.