Why are phones getting more and more?

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?

Modern smartphones are getting better and better – it substitutes for a lot. In addition to the features of design which are the individual, the fact of improvement of modern devices is recognized by all. Besides the fact that they are becoming more powerful, they are becoming larger and heavier. In some moments it is even beginning to strain. Personally, I recall with nostalgia the days when smartphones were easier. I’m glad they have become more productive. I would like to combine a nice weight and high performance. Maybe someone will make something similar, but the vector of development speaks for itself. Until when will this continue?

The contents

  • 1 is The largest modern smartphone
  • 2 Why an increasing size of smartphones
  • 3 why the need For a great phone
  • 4 Why no longer make small phones

The largest modern smartphone

The average size of smartphones has been growing steadily for over ten years. This is especially noticeable on the background of the fact that the size of the hand of modern man during this time has not changed. Except those who was a child and grew up. By the way, grow together with smartphones is very convenient.

Smartphones are becoming more and manufacturers stopped making the model smaller. If you need a phone on Android, which is easy to operate with one hand and that fits comfortably in the pocket of tight jeans, you will not have much of a choice. Remember several models. For example, Sony Xperia XZ Compact. She was very neat, but the “not logged in” users. Much more popularity got iPhone SE, but he was bigger in size. Still, statistics show that requests for “iPhone SE 2” beat all records.

Now smartphones have the screen size, which was previously only available to tablet. For example, the screen size of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is 6.9 inches.

Yes, you can say that it can be used with one hand, although this and need to practice, but it is still very heavy. It weighs a whopping 222 grams. Sounds just like the figure, but if you put it in your pocket loose shorts, there is a risk to remain without them. Especially if you walk briskly.

Weighting is inevitable due to the large amounts of glass and metal, applied to the design. And due to the large battery that is needed in order to feed the voracious screen and powerful processor of this smartphone.

Why is increasing the size of smartphones

To say that the only Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is so big, is not necessary. Even Apple, which has always adhered to a more compact dimension, in the days of the iPhone 6 started to produce the “plus version”, the screen size of which was 0.8 inches more screen the basic version. With the release of the iPhone XS iPhone 11 Max and Pro Max the trend is frightening. The smartphone has become just huge. If you are using the smartphone with one hand and hold the camera with my pinky, it can be seen immediately. Sometimes your finger may just start to hurt. And if put on his Smart Battery Case, it is possible in the alley to fend off bullies.

Due to the fact that manufacturers lacked the courage (and perhaps ingenuity) to make them large at once, we were used to increase gradually – a few grams and fractions of an inch per year. If someone pulls out his huge phone and presses it to the head, we do not refer to jokes that “I bought a Samsung, now the wind does not blow.” When the Galaxy Note seemed like something awkward. Now we look at the gadgets that seemed a good size.

So gradually we lost the word “phablet”, as well as a few other words from an earlier era, about which I told earlier. Phablet, or ceiling, as it was also called, was the middle link between phones and tablets. Now the values of the diagonals was found and intermediates are already there.

Why the need for a great phone

Large screens are well suited for some tasks. For example, watching videos or playing games. In addition, the large size of the case allows you to put in more useful items. For example, the battery. However, I still need to figure out what comes first. Manufacturers make a little more screen, and take place in increased the body battery or add a couple millimeters to the size of the housing for the battery and at the same time increase the screen.
Size doesn’t always matter. Why there is no more sense to evaluate the size of the screen of the smartphone on its diagonal
The question is, when users will say “Enough!” and stop to vote ruble for large devices. Hope this was to release last year, Sony Xperia 1, which showed that rise in height can continue. Before that, we thought that smartphones can grow only in proportion, but apparently not. Sony even found the perfect width of the smartphone, how they think. I have heard from company representatives that their research has led to the ideal width of the housing 72 mm. From this they drew was doing flagships recent years.

Why stopped making small phones

So why have manufacturers stopped making small devices, if there is a demand? Many complain about the large size flagship. People need a leader, but small. He takes a good, fast, but it will be compact – such is the logic of many, mainly adults, people who don’t need the phone to find 24/7 in social networks and games.
On the new smartphone there is always something to play with. The five best old games re-issued for your
The answer can be only one. It is not profitable. We can say that someone will still buy, but the production of the smartphone costs a lot of money. It is necessary to develop it, to take production capacity in order to collect it, breed around the world at least a couple million units to everywhere they were available. And still it is necessary to provide the services with parts inventory.

We should not forget that a small smart phone no one will buy it for big money. So he should be on iron as big, and at the price of 100-150, and the best 200-250 dollars cheaper. It is only pseudo-analysts believe the company’s profit according to the formula “price in store minus the value of the components”, and then say that companies have with each tube for 400-700 dollars. But it is necessary to take, to pay for the store, for the seller, for advertising, for developing finally. Large companies spend 7-12 billion dollars a year to develop, this amount is necessary to beat. In the end the $ 100 difference becomes very significant.
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For lovers of smaller is Pixel “a” series and iPhone, which comes nearly two years after the presentation one of the ten most sold smartphones. People love compact devices and are willing to buy them. Just not so much. If you can put a couple more compact models, the buyer will be more choice. But their number will not change. Apple and Google have enough demand to produce a compact smartphone, but if there will be not two, but four, that the production and sale of “kids” will be unprofitable. No wonder that Sony has abandoned their undertaking with a range of Compact and Samsung didn’t show the successor to the Galaxy S10e.

In the public sector is a little different. There you can find a compact smartphone. Well, those who are willing to pay 1000+ dollars, wary of the compacts and wants as in the Russian saying – all the money bread.

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?

Почему телефоны с каждым годом становятся все больше?