Why bad slip on the crossover in monoprinter mode

Почему вредно буксовать на кроссовере в моноприводном режиме

Today, the majority of crossovers with all-wheel drive has the implementation of this all-wheel drive with magnetic clutch. The design is very convenient, click of a button or transfer the puck to a different position you can change the drive.

In many cars there is even mode with the prohibition of connection of the clutch, the car is forcibly operated with a torque only to the front axle. Drivers often use this mode, arguing that fuel economy. However, not all of the owners of AWD crossovers know that there lies the catch – to prevent wheel spin in the mode “2WD” is bad for the car. Surprised? Then this article is for you, explain why this is so.

To understand the nuance, you need to understand the structure of the electromagnetic clutch. Our example is based on the Renault Duster clutches, but the principle many crossovers are the same. It looks very nondescript part, consider a piece of pipe, but inside it is a complex package of friction clutches and the electromagnet, which attracts the clutch and thus the torque is transmitted further or is in free mode, and then the rear axle is not connected.

The coupling is the so-called bell, which unit is fastened to the gimbal. The unit is usually installed in front of the rear axle and the cardan shaft connected to razdatki hard, the center differential in this design is not provided, so the gimbal when driving a car always revolves. Whether four-wheel drive or Vice versa, is the mode “2WD”, power on the gimbal is still sent, the interrupt time to monoprivodnom mode occurs only in the clutch.

Why is it important? But because when the car stalled in the mode “2WD”, the clutch works hard. Car, then the rear wheel it does not spin, but the front stalled torque comes. In such a situation, a very large load is on the clutch bearing. Such bearings are usually not very powerful, but there is also shock. It significantly increases the likelihood that the bearing will collapse, salutti or jammed.

Do not have a sweet and clutches. They are between two fires – shaft, which is connected to the rear axle and a fixed non-rotating wheels, and spacers, which is attached to the clutch housing and rotated by the cardan. In this situation, the clutch slip, which also increases their life span. Clutch dismantled the Clutch dismantled

Yes, from a few roll bars, most likely, nothing terrible will happen, but if you constantly make the same mistake, it will sooner or later impact. Resource coupling and its components and so is not the imagination of many crossovers, but there is also the driver of their actions they are further reduced.

Readers may have a reasonable question: who in their right mind would long skid with front wheel drive when you can turn on full? Where, they say, the problem? But it’s there. Many owners of four-wheel drive SUVs include the mode “2WD” to save fuel. They like and do not drive on the roads, but without it there are many ways to prevent thrashing of wheels. For example, when you start up the hill, Parking on the curb, light ice and so on.

Seemingly small things, they may not even be visible from inside the vehicle, but do their job – causing load on the coupling. If you include all-wheel drive, the slip no longer has such a detrimental impact, because the rear axle is also transmitted torque and it ceases to be a stopper for the clutch.

The conclusion from this situation is actually simple – you need as little as possible to use the mode “2WD” key and choose “Auto” mode in which the clutch itself will be connected when the front wheels slip. Fuel consumption from this if they increase, it is minuscule, but the electromagnetic clutch will last longer.