Why can’t we have sandwiches

Почему нельзя есть бутерброды

It is possible that the cause of the epidemic of dementia, heart disease and even cancer in the modern world is a kind of toxic substances in processed foods. We are talking about the end-products of glycation or AGEs, reports newsyou.info.

Protein or fat subjected to the process of glycation carbohydrates are found in almost all foods in varying degrees. However, significantly large quantities they are contained in processed food containing a lot of proteins and sugars. Such products include, for example, sausage, pizza, burgers, bacon and sausages.

What is the danger of fried food

These products are prepared at an elevated temperature, causing the content of advanced glycation end products increases. They are more in the fried food than the one prepared steamed or boiled.

High heat causes the proteins and sugars to join in a joint response, which makes them contain very high levels of AGEs.

Over the past 10 years, scientists have repeatedly concluded that advanced glycation end products can lead to chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially those that occur in vital organs. These inflammation, as suggested by a number of scientists, increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Moreover, they can be one of the direct reasons for the development of dementia.