Why commuting to work is better than flipping a social network and not to listen to music

Почему по дороге на работу лучше не листать соцсети и не слушать музыку

When you go to work, it is better to think about your tasks for the day, not to scroll social media or listen to music. To such conclusion employees of the Harvard business school.

As stated in the study, on the way to work it is best to mentally plan the day – so people will be more productive throughout the day.

In particular, the researchers believe, due to the reflection, the worker can easily change the mood of the home environment working. So to work it will be easier and more efficient.

But sitting in social networks or music only complicate the transition process. Therefore, it will reduce the feeling of pleasure from work.

How to conduct an experiment. The study lasted a month. Employees of Harvard business school was attracted to the study 443. One part of the subjects were scroll social networks on the way to work. And another thought about work. The study showed that the second group was more satisfied with the work and they have less have the desire to quit.

“The idea that we need to make the effort to go from home mode to the work, are not always obvious. You may think that to change role as easily as to wear a different hat. It turns out that the transition between modes takes time and effort – it’s part of the day, which we need to pay more attention,” said the authors of the report Professor Francesca Gino.

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