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Чому постійно хочеться їсти: цікавий факт - 24 Канал

Scientists have found the reason for the constant appetite. It turns out that the extra weight reduces taste sensitivity, and this causes the brain to demand more food.

To such conclusion the group of scientists of the Canadian Institute of nutrition, reports Some.

The problem of constant desire to eat something faces 87% of overweight people.

In excess weight in body fat is caused by chronic inflammation. The body begins to produce specific molecules – cytokines that mobilize all forces to fight the inflammation, but at the same time they violate the sensitivity to taste. ⠀


Through this are prone to weight gain people can’t enjoy food, tag through a loss of sensitivity want to eat more sweet, fatty and salty foods.

So they are trying to fill taste blanks, getting into a vicious circle and gaining even more pounds.

To avoid this, experts recommend eating mindfully – slowly eat, savoring every bite.


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