Why Crimea Ukraine betrayed: a former soldier of the Navy remembered than lived in the Peninsula before the occupation – 24 Channel

Чому Крим зрадив Україну:  колишній воїн ВМС пригадав, чим жив півострів до окупації - 24 Канал

People in Crimea are mostly brought up on the Pro-Russian propaganda – in the spirit of Russian patriotism and big wins, and they were told that the Crimea has always been Russian, and Sevastopol – city of Russian sailors. But in 2014, for some of the residents are at a tipping point.

This was told kickboxer Pavel “Caiman” Zhuravlev in an interview tribuna.com.

Note that the athlete is born in the Crimean city of Saki, he served in the Navy and is a graduate of the legendary Academy of a name of Nakhimov in Sevastopol. In 2014, after the occupation of Crimea by Russia, did not betray Ukraine, but was forced to move from the Peninsula to Odessa, and then all retired from service.

I was born and raised in the Crimea, parents – the Soviet people with their values. They were raised with that ideology. People were given information that couldn’t be disputed. Basically we, the officers, were Pro-Russian. 90 percent of Crimean residents were educated in the spirit of Russian patriotism and big wins. We were told that the Crimea has always been Russian, and Sevastopol – city of Russian sailors. It is not even discussed, and thought there was something to check
he said.

According to the kickboxer, the events of 2014 became the impetus to understand and realize that many issues had been distorted.

“When you go two weeks and sleep with a loaded gun, not knowing what was happening, you have to think about. Another important aspect is that I went abroad. Saw attitude towards life and other people there. And understand that something is wrong, wrong. And we, all the inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol, have always believed that we are special and deserve special respect”, says Pavel Zhuravlev.

As he said, it always was and they were taught that Sevastopol is a hero city with special people.

“Why, nobody knows. Taking all this for granted, not paying attention to their own development. It is convenient just to be some special, doing nothing. Their inferiority and maloznakomoy people are trying to replace the greatness of the nation. You need to look not at where one lives and what he has in mind and how she lives,” – said the fighter.

At the same time, he adds, if we talk about politics, there is good and bad, oslc all have pros and cons. Then, when the annexation of Crimea, no one thought, who is good and who is bad.

“People were disoriented. Everyone thought that this can not be. I am a socially active person, I began to learn about the Maidan until the end of December. A month and a half I had no information, and when it appeared, was not in favor of independence. I thought that there are some hooligans and lazy. When all around you think the same then you are not particularly deep. When it began more serious measures, then in the Crimea came the people who were not going to talk. They even gave an order not to enter into negotiations. The question arises, how can this be. Understand the policy, but I could not understand one. A man came and said: “Give me your gun.” But how can I give her your weapon?” – says the athlete.

Zhuravlev also said that Russia has acted dishonestly in respect of Ukraine.

Everything was smoothly and beautifully. If viewed from the side, you can applaud. The referendum is not legitimate, but that’s another story. But there there were no Ukrainian propaganda and had only some posters that “Crimea or the Russian, or the Nazi swastika.” It is clear that the Crimea with a swastika is useless. But what she did? We have a family of red rag has always been a Bandera. I believed that he was the bad character in our history. It was strange, when I opened the encyclopedia of the Soviet time and have not found shot children and other things. Just needed to dump the blame for the famine and other sins on the other, to redirect the anger of the people. The same Germans. When you begin to ask yourself these questions, the tangle unravels,
he says.

We will remind, in the opinion of Colonel British army, retired, Glen Grant, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin needed the Crimea, only for saving their own behalf and to demonstrate his power. According to him, was occupied by the master of the Kremlin to the Peninsula to knock Ukraine out of the way and show that it is the property of Russia.

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