Why deteriorated relations between Ukraine and its immediate neighbors: called eloquent reason – 24 Channel

Чому погіршилися взаємини України та її найближчих сусідів: названо промовисту причину - 24 Канал

Russian special services are involved as the deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Hungary and the conflict between Warsaw and Kiev.

This statement was made by former Secretary of national security Council and former defense Minister Yevhen Marchuk, who today represents Ukraine in the group on security issues in the Trilateral contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbass, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“I, for one, not for a moment doubt that our problems with Hungary, they arose not because it is our problem with Hungary, we do not have problems, but because they just have done a good job, the relevant service of the Russian Federation“, – he said.

According to the former head of security sector of Ukraine, problems that arise in Ukraine and Poland, is the result of the respective efforts of Russia.

At the same time, Marchuk stressed that sometimes the actions of the intelligence service of another country may cause the government more harm than a direct military aggression against it.

Recall, October 4, Ukraine declared Consul of Hungary in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region “persona non grata” (unwanted person) and said that he should leave the territory of Ukraine within 72 hours. In response, the official Budapest, for its part, announced the expulsion of the Ukrainian Consul. It happened against the background of the scandal with the issuance of Hungarian passports in Transcarpathia.

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