Why did the holidays drain: 3 steps to avoid burnout

Почему новогодние праздники опустошают: 3 шага, чтобы не допустить выгорания

How to understand that you burn out? As formed the psyche of the people?

Despite the fact that we consider ourselves to be adults, sane people, often behave like children. And all because in the depths of our soul we are living with a child who simply did not have time to grow up and secretly hopes for a miracle. And the main time for miracles in our latitudes traditionally considered New year. It was at this time in the minds of people of all ages, ranks and professions no-no and will be shown the thought of new year’s magic. That there is light at something that determines our happiness and destiny.

Heads of corporations, financial and commercial Director, lawyers and advertisers – in a single day postpone rational on the shelf and ready to believe in the fairy tale. It is the desire to mystify the night from 31-go on 1-e flashed to us almost at the genetic level. And it often leads to what today is called professional and emotional burnout.

Before dealing with the reasons of new year burnout – will check the symptoms.

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Burnout (from a scientific point of view) is a state of chronic stress, leading to exhaustion, detachment and a sense of ineffectiveness. This feeling can not be called “chronic fatigue”.

Three types of burnout

  • Mental

Manifested in the form of fatigue, exhaustion, forgetfulness, inability to focus on task, insomnia.

  • Physical

The person begins to suffer from pain. Feels pain in the chest, palpitations, shortness of breath. Dizziness, abdominal pain, weakened immunity and loss of appetite.

  • Emotional

This subspecies is the most insidious. Manifested a sense of fear of the future. Fear makes you live in the tension, to experience anxiety and sadness. In moments of emotional burnout of a man haunted by the feeling of hopelessness and anxiety. If the pessimistic forecast may come a depression.

Therefore, it is advised to perform health first and foremost, to exclude clinical causes of anxiety and phobias. To register with a local doctor becomes a matter of not too much.

Why devastate the holidays?

Now let’s find out why, a week after the trees and salutes us covers the feeling of despair and frustration.

The first reason

  • The fairy tale is not true, and expectations from new year’s eve failed to materialize

Note that natural is not justified. After all, from the point of view of nature and the logical course of things the beginning of a new winter months is not fraught with mystical meanings. The first of January of any year is just another day, normal for this time of year, temperature and weather conditions for a particular geographical latitudes.

The second reason

  • Holiday rush tires

It is foolish to deny that the choice of gifts, packaging, delivery and logistics, choice of venue of the feast, the congratulations of friends and acquaintances require energy. We often try to do more than you need to please everyone. We cook, dress, try to surprise loved ones and frequently do not expect power. This is a good reason to think – but not too much fuss for one night?

The third reason

  • We dream instead of think about purpose

Think of the traditions: make a wish under the chiming clock, write it on a piece of paper, burn it and drink a glass of sparkling wine, got a zero and imagine the perfect life. It would seem that there is nothing wrong, but alas, a good bit. And all because between dream and action its realization – the abyss. Not all of course, but for the most part.

And this is also explained by science.

The fact that our brain according to the theory of the American neurophysiologist Paul Maclean is composed of three parts: the reticular formation (reptilian brain), limbic system and neocortex. The first is responsible for instincts, the second – for a momentary pleasure, and the third for self-awareness and intelligence. And the paradox is that all three systems are almost constantly arguing with each other. At a time when the limbic system makes us believe in fairy tales, think of the impossible and idealized world, the neocortex – makes a helpless gesture. Because he sees no connection between the desire to hold a celebration all the hopes and real steps to achieve specific goals.

The truth is that reality requires us to consistency, concentration and rational approach. She needed action, strategy and an action plan. Dreams by themselves in life do not materialize. At the same time, many subconsciously delegate the management of their lives in the hands of chance and uncertainty.

Productivity and happiness: the rules of work/life balance

It is not necessary that, you hear me?

3 steps that will help you to avoid emotional burnout

For those who have experienced the injustice first half of January and feels like the career and life colors fade, I propose the following algorithm to break the cycle.

Step 1

  • Summarize and plan

So, by the way, do Europeans, for whom the new year is also a time to analyze past 365 days and an important planning stage. Spiritual gatherings, traditions and warm evenings by the fire – the lot of Christmas cheer. Christmas always pulls the blanket of the main winter holiday in the West. Then Christmas has a special role in the constellation of the holidays. And, although it is also accompanied by a certain mysticism, the book is not accompanied by hopes for the next year. People just enjoying the warmth of each other and pay tribute to religious traditions.

New year in those States and is celebrated not in all regions. The occasional fireworks, but not overdoing it with grandeur.

But to make to-do lists not only the year but for the next month or quarter in the West like.

But this does not mean that planning will certainly have to do on the 31st night or 1st morning. Your personal year could have started two months ago, or to start in a week. Your life – your calendar.

Step 2

  • Soberly assess their capabilities and goals

Very often, people experience burnout because deliberately put yourself and your psyche in difficult conditions. First, we often achieve their goals, and those that are imposed on us from outside. Difficult to put a financial strap to back herd in his surroundings. We get involved in the race for values that are not related to our personality and desires. In the quest to gain the recognition of society, we forget to take care of themselves. To devote time, health, friends, sleep at last.

In order to properly organize your life and turn it into a race for survival, deal with the priorities and cut out unnecessary fuss. Maybe your success is just hiding under all this chaff from your task?

Step 3

  • Not burn emotional capital at the start

The joy and excitement that Christmas holidays, fall is often a stress on the body. Not discover America if I say that even positive events in our lives affect the General well-being. First rise and then emotional remission. The same body is tired happy and sad moments. And instead of feeding him a shock dose of impressions, hopes and fun, smarter, this load dosing.

All you need is the grateful recipient of a new day, which by tradition is considered the starting point of a new calendar year. Do not overload it with expectations, not to rape the psyche of a pipe dream. Be wiser, more tolerant to yourself and grow up. Because only a Mature and aware person is able to manage your life, keeping a balance – emotional, professional, physical and mental.

Yulia Medvedeva,

expert on personal growth, founder of the philosophical and consulting space “Medviedieva: the healing life of purity” the author, “Life under the key”, candidate of sociological Sciences (PhD)