Why die frame SUVs

Почему вымирают рамные внедорожники

Automobile manufacturers one after another, refuse vehicles, constructed on a frame.

The fact is that the presence of the machine frame today is not a sign of obstruction and brutality. In fact, such machines can be called the mammoths of the industry in the twenty-first century.

The frame of the car. These machines all the chassis, including engine, transmission, suspension, and other items assembled on the frame, and the body simply bolted on top. The industry is constantly evolving. In the design of modern vehicles are actively used in various alloys that are not only several times increase the body strength, but also reduce the overall weight of the car.

In many respects this is the predicted fate of frame the models of cars that every year become less common and popular in the Russian market. Analysts believe that in a few years they can be seen only in the developing countries where the auto industry is not as progressive.

Thanks to the frame design, manufacturers produce a practical machine with a good capacity and the ability to move through different areas. Frame it allows you to provide an impressive ground clearance. But many disadvantages revealed during operation, just block them all the advantages.

Disadvantages. Speaking about the weaknesses in detail, you should start with the large weight of the car. The weight of the frame a few hundred pounds. A similar model with a monocoque body weighs significantly less, which greatly simplifies the operation process. The benefits of low weight are: throughput, controllability, dynamics and of course, lower fuel consumption.

In comparison with traditional models, modern cars easier to pass the difficult sections of road without getting stuck and not falling, unlike heavy trucks, which had all been recorded on the frame.

Dynamics and controllability. About the dynamics, in the case of frame car, say it is impossible, as it leaves much to be desired. Drivers who had the possibility of exploitation of such models, understand about what there is a speech. To improve the dynamic performance is needed to increase the fuel consumption, by installing modified motors, which increase the weight of the machine, making it even more difficult.

The car, which bearing body, has good handling. This allows the driver to freely operate the machine without encountering any problems. In addition, the machine with a monocoque body is less inertia and it is easier to stop the brakes.

The handling frame of the car is average. The only thing you can say in defense of the machine, it has better and more robust suspension.

In the conclusion need to remind you about passive safety, which is also important to pay attention to when choosing a car with a frame or a monocoque body. On the frame to provide additional security measures for driver and passengers is extremely difficult. Therefore, the previously presented machine differed less reliability and safety obtained during the crash tests.