Why do headphones get tangled: the explanation of physicists

Почему запутываются наушники: объяснение физиков

Researchers from the University of San Diego explained why the headphones in his pocket, confused about what physics and mathematics behind it.

First, scientists conducted experiments: they placed the wire in a cubic box and shook it with a constant speed. They periodically changed the length of the wire and the speed of shaking, repeating step 3415 times.

It turned out that the longer the cable and the longer you shake it the more the probability that the node will be formed spontaneously. This is called “spontaneous knotting of agitated string”.

On the host with the headphones is also influenced by the stiffness and the diameter of the cord, but the length and time are most important. For example, if the cable is less than 46 centimetres – he’s not confused ever. In leads from 46 to 150 cm, the probability of formation is greatly increased. The average length of regular headphones – 139 sentiments, and this means that the probability of spontaneous appearance of the site is almost 50%.

Почему запутываются наушники: объяснение физиков

It is noted that the Y-shaped headphone, only worsens the situation and increases the likelihood of tangling. To prevent this from happening, the researchers give a very simple advice: wear headphones in a special box from manufacturers.

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