Why do residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region is not necessary to buy tickets for the flights from Krivoy Rog airport

Почему жителям Днепропетровской области не стоит покупать билеты на рейсы из криворожского аэропорта

Krivoy Rog airport in 2019 will celebrate its 40th birthday. But chances are that this year will be for the airport fatal. DTEK Dnieper power grid has filed a lawsuit against the municipal enterprise “international airport Krivoy Rog”, Krivoy Rog city Council. The reason is simple – the airport does not pay for electricity, when it was never rebuilt on the European track, not having signed a new contract with the power distribution company.

The informant the Money was repeatedly told that the natsregulyatora nkrekp from 1 January 2019 the law “On electricity market” moved the sphere of energy consumption on the market. In the context of the reform of the energy market most of the changes fell on the share of legal entities.

The enterprise is ordered to the end of 2018 to choose their own power supplier and conclude a contract with him to market conditions. Companies that have not found a supplier from 1 January became clients of the provider “of last resort”, whose functions on the whole territory of Ukraine performs the state enterprise “vital-press”. Only in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, DTEK is these consumers-legal persons was 59 units. The bulk of them navigate the new rules and renewed contracts, and seven now remain without electricity. Among disconnected entities has been and KP “international airport Krivoy Rog”.

On the airport of Kryvyi Rih filed a lawsuit DTEK

Joint-stock company “DTEK Dnieper power” of money for electricity from Krivoy Rog airport had not seen for more than a year. Payment system for last light, which is found on the Single web portal on use of public funds: Edata, dated by December 2017. And the latest purchase of electricity used was at the end of 2017.

The debtor was decided to be disconnected from energy supplies, but the pilots refused to let the electricians of DTEK to their equipment.

Energy 22 December 2018 went to the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region with a claim in which he asked “to oblige the Municipal enterprise “international airport Krivoy Rog”, Krivoy Rog city Council to provide unhindered access to the electrical installations, which is used to supply electricity for the implementation of the disconnection and sealing.

The plaintiff proves the claims of improper performance by the Respondent of contract No. 684 dated 01.09.2009 of the year and implementation obstacles the plaintiff to conduct the blackout”.

Began the trial a waste of time. From December 2018 to March 2019, it’s been five trial, but the defendant decided not to spoil his life involved in nasty lawsuits, and just is not in court. Representatives of the defendant chose to communicate through correspondence, therefore, requested to postpone the hearing, considered without their participation, it is applied for the recovery studies and even demanded a statement providing comment on the suit, namely, the direction of the plaintiff. But all of these documents, the court in attention has not accepted.

The last meeting was held on March 21. According to tradition again, no representatives of the airport Krivoy Rog. At this time, the defendant did not even bother explanations of the reasons for his absence. The court determined all the relevant circumstances of the case, gathered the relevant evidence, as grounds for closing preparatory proceedings and assigned the case for trial on the merits. On April 16 appointed as the new date where it is planned to start fining a defendant who refuses to participate in the trial.

Utility a black hole the size of a sky

The airport in the infrastructure of every major city plays an important role. The air gates open up opportunities not only for its residents but also attract investors, which brings income to the city Treasury. This is how most of the airports in Ukraine. But not in Krivoy Rog.

Krivoy Rog airport in 2018 has reduced the ridership by 30% and became the only Ukrainian airport which showed a negative trend. While the financial investment in the airport has approximately 50 million. Annually for the modernization of the airport will require more and more funds.

Maintenance costs are rising, but profits from the municipal air port is not impressive. Modest million in revenue in the last few years does not even cover the cost of the salaries of employees of the enterprise.

As of 1 March 2019 according to the analytical platform Youcontrol, the taxpayer “international airport Krivoy Rog”, Krivoy Rog city Council has a tax debt with a size of 73 008 hryvnia. And in addition to the economic disentangle even administrative action on sanctions for late payment.

This city government punctually fed its citizens with stories about the alleged bona fide utilities that do not have debts on a communal flat. And write off all debt at the expense of ordinary consumers. As in the mayor’s office will clarify to Kryvyi Rih, which now likely isn’t going anywhere from the airport is de-energized, the readers of the Informant will know very soon. At least in DTEK Dnieper grid has publicly announced the implementation of the law and informed about disabling airport-debtor from the supply of electricity.

Julia Karch

Почему жителям Днепропетровской области не стоит покупать билеты на рейсы из криворожского аэропорта

Почему жителям Днепропетровской области не стоит покупать билеты на рейсы из криворожского аэропорта

Почему жителям Днепропетровской области не стоит покупать билеты на рейсы из криворожского аэропорта