Why doctors deny there is a lot of persimmon

Почему врачи запрещают есть много хурмы

Here is the news: is one of the symbols of autumn with this sweet persimmon, which knits have to tie? Wday.ru learned from a specialist, what’s wrong with her.

What’s unhealthy hard persimmon suspect?

In the persimmon contains a lot of tannins (compounds of plant origin), hence its binding properties. They also have another effect – fixing. Therefore, if you do not suffer from diarrhea, eat a lot its really not worth it, otherwise there will be problems reversing the order. That is, in cases where we for upset stomach drink strong black tea to get the body calmed down a bit, you can eat a lot of persimmon. No more danger in it.

The same can be said of many other fruits same lemons by themselves in reasonable doses is safe (if you have no contraindications or allergies), and in large quantities – Yes, a very harmful and dangerous to health. But why do something about lemons and everything you know, about persimmon asking the same question.

Also people wondering why you can not eat persimmon together with milk. The fact that the tannic acid it contains, combining with proteins to form a solid lump. It is important to remember that many products that are safe by themselves, in combination with each other give a not so good effect on the body. The same can be said about the combination of melon with honey.

It turns out there is a persimmon, only a little. But how much, with or without peel, ripe or unripe, we found out from another specialist.

Spanish colleagues have shown that persimmon is rich in pectin, iodine, we need different vitamins and microelements, it is still able to burn fat, so eat it to your health, but well washed. Ideally, in the season – two pieces a day. On the recommendation of the world health organization, we should eat five fruits and vegetables a day.

Persimmon can be eaten with the peel (it’s fully absorbed by the body), if it is not damaged. Alas, it to us from the regions of growth – Spain, Abkhazia – driven immature. She gets already in the process of moving. And because of this, the content of nutrients is less than ripe, but it’s not critical. Still fiber even like this persimmon reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer.

But unripe persimmons are not necessary – nothing good in it. In the persimmon contains a lot of sucrose and glucose, so it, like other fruits, it is not recommended to eat at night or late in the evening: during the day we have time to consume those carbs and eaten at night, they switch into fat.