Why happy people are aging slower: the explanation – 24 Channel

Чому щасливі люди старіють повільніше: пояснення - 24 Канал

The elderly people are happy with their lives, reduction in physical function with age is slower than unhappy people.

It proved scientist Andrew steptow and his colleagues from University College London, reports the CMAJ.

They analyzed more than 3 million Britons aged 60 years, the connection between emotional and physical well-being, participants were followed for 8 years.

His enjoyment of life volunteers were evaluated on a 4-point scale. Also, participants asked, did they have problems with getting up from the bed, clothing, shower and so forth. Also, the participants measured walking speed using test.


It turned out that the elderly are happy with their lives and a decline in physical function with age is slower than unhappy people. People with a lower sense of emotional well-being were three times more likely to face problems in daily activities, compared to the more positive participants.

Conclusion the authors of the study: the decrease of enjoyment of life may be associated with future disability and mobility limitation in old age.

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