Why have Caldera

Почему нужно есть сильдерей

Nutritionists said about the beneficial properties of celery to human body. According to them, this plant has no “magical” effect that is attributed to him, but promotes weight loss, reports newsyou.info.

In relation to celery, many people tell the stories mentioning this vegetable as a very effective means of excess pounds. It is believed that the composition of the plant includes substances that literally burn fat, but in reality it is not so, said the doctors. The product stands out from your group something special.

However, benefit to the body he carries. There is very little calories, only 50 per hundred grams of product. If they replace more nutritious foods, it is possible for the same volume of food to reduce the intake of substances that provoke the growth of body mass. Besides, the celery contains a lot of trace elements, among which the main are chromium, iron, calcium and magnesium. The number of vitamins you can define literally on eyes. The more intense the color of the vegetable, the more nutrients in it.

Nutritionists have stressed the plant a specific taste, because in the early stages it is better to add small portions or use it as a condiment. To eat large amounts of product, it must first be subjected to heat treatment. When this later is still recommended to eat it raw.

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