Why high blood pressure should eat oatmeal – 24 Channel

Чому гіпертонікам потрібно їсти вівсянку - 24 Канал

Such a cheap food, like oatmeal perfectly protects the body from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure makes a person vulnerable to heart disease and strokes, reports the “Country of health”.

To reduce the risk of development of high blood pressure help: weight loss, exercise, reduction of salt in the diet and healthy sleep. And now scientists have proven once and use oatmeal for hypertensive patients.

Scientists conducted a study in which volunteers consumed two servings of oatmeal 60 grams daily. 75% of participants during 6 weeks blood pressure decreased.

Most of it fell to 5 mm of mercury column, and some even at 15. In addition, it is affordable and inexpensive product. Experts recommend to train yourself to oatmeal at a young age, because hypertension is rapidly getting younger.


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