Why I support Greta Thunberg

Почему я поддерживаю Грету Тунберг

I have not heard (not read) no speech Greta Thunberg. I saw a couple of performances of this girl – fierce, angry. But did not penetrate into their essence.

And I support it, although, I admit that in most cases it is city stuff. But this does not matter. Don’t even care whose money it maintains its violent activities.

Laugh miserable adults, the chorus criticizing her. Most of them are no smarter than the schoolgirl. Most of them are losers, or working in the service sector (typical lackeys), or work in the factories of the capitalists, helping to earn profits. At best, sitting in the office, trembling in their chairs. Not doing anything good.

This is the future of these angry losers are the adults prepared for their children. The current world gives them no choice. Most of them will also become lackeys or disenfranchised workers. Will die in the soulless offices.

Yes, Greta Thunberg criticizes the “environmental agenda”. Don’t know what she was talking about modern capitalist system. But if modern pupils and students that support it, say no to this future, it will be very good.

I always say that under capitalism it is better to try not work at all. Capitalism is a trap. In the modern Western world, it is impossible to die from hunger. Therefore, it is better to let these kids and not working. I have the moral right.

Let them be hipsters and hippies, get unemployment benefits, sitting on the necks of the fools-parents, go to rallies and block business district of the city, smoke weed and drink beer. Let them do whatever they want. Only if they don’t go to the damn work. Let the capitalists there will be a shortage of workers. Let just no one will work.

The world is getting worse. Probably, since the year 1991. The world is degraded because of modern adults. Because of the us. And, of course, not in the environment. The people themselves are extremely crushed. I think that the current adults will never learn. And more honest too, will not.

I welcome violent anarchism Greta Thunberg. Let them have a new evil children, criticizing, even ridiculous, though the laws of physics. Can finally begin to criticize and economy. Capitalism itself. And there, far away, and the brave new world…