Why in the analysis of the blood taken from the ring finger

Почему при анализе кровь берут из безымянного пальца

Everyone at least once in your life put in the hospital various tests. The blood test is one of the most important. First and foremost, it is necessary to check the level of sugar content in the human body. Those who have visited the office admission tests more than once will note that the fence material is all the same finger – ring. Sure doctors make that choice not just.

Once again you need to go take a blood test. Come into the office and now the doctor pulls a terrible set, wrapped in paper: a small blade and a few tubes. One deft movement on your ring finger, surprisingly strong for a woman of finger pressure to the pad and a glass tube full of material for analysis. Another couple of moments, and all the worst is over – you are elated and pleased with himself standing on the threshold outside the door, tightly clutching the fleece to the finger. At this point one must wonder why every time the doctors choose the same place for the fence, namely the ring finger.

In fact, the choice of physicians in favor of the ring finger is made not just. That is quite a tough statement, and quite good reasons. The first (and most important) is the issue of security. The fact that any puncture human skin can cause contamination. Moreover, in medicine the limbs of the person are considered the most vulnerable places for distribution penetrating into the infection. At the same time, if the infection still happens, to localize it in the hands and feet (and even in individual fingers).

The second important reason take the blood of the nameless, is that healing wounds faster just happens on it. This thinness, in turn, also automatically reduces the risk of a potential blood poisoning. Not less important is the fact that the said finger is one of the most “non-working” arm.

Finally, the choice of the ring finger is caused by the fact that the puncture is easy and without consequences, the skin on the finger is very thin and heals quickly. Thus, by a combination of factors, namely “poor-nameless” is the best place to collect materials for analysis.