Why in the USSR did the window between the bathroom and the kitchen: there the solution

Зачем в СССР делали окно между ванной и кухней: появилась разгадка

In the USSR, in “Khrushchev” did the window between the bathroom and the kitchen in order that the sunlight penetrated into the room and thus obezzarazhivatel the air and kill bacteria.

In this simple way the Union fought against tuberculosis. Because the bacteria of the disease are well bred in a humid environment and sunlight killed them, told the “AIF” architect Ruslan Chernicinsky.

“According to the legal requirements of insolation (light levels) to all premises in residential apartments have to go sunlight for at least two hours a day. The five-story building was designed in the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century. At this time, was an active tuberculosis. In order to avoid the occurrence of tubercle bacilli and not allow it to multiply in the five-story building provided a window,” the expert explained.

The architect added that the ventilation system in those years were poorly developed, so the window in the bathroom considered a viable option.

“The ventilation was provided, but to decontaminate the room was impossible. These Windows didn’t open, they were locked. But they had to give light,” said Chernicinsky.

He stressed that over the years the need in the Windows between the bathroom and kitchen anymore.

“From the point of view of the efficiency of the window itself is not very justified: it was located quite high. Still won the disease is not a window, and a medicine that stepped forward. In addition, there were forced the fans,” concluded the architect.

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