Why Iran is hiding the attack on the plane MAU: the version of Ukrainian journalist

Почему Иран скрывает атаку на самолет МАУ: версия украинского журналиста

The statements of the leaders of a number of States in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia – that the plane of the MAU under Tehran was mistakenly shot down Iran is not a consequence of agents ‘ data and not the data of satellite reconnaissance.

The fact that we are not talking about undercover data, evidenced by the fact the coherence of statements of foreign leaders. And that is not the result of satellite reconnaissance indicates the absence of publication of the images, posted on Facebook journalist, chief editor of the edition “Censor.NO” Yury Butusov.

Data about the launch of 2 missiles at Ukrainian aircraft issued a group of NATO countriesthat are parties to the agreement on the global system of electronic intelligence, known as the system “Echelon”, said the journalist. The system is aimed?? to read and analyze all possible information on all types of telecommunication systems worldwide.

“Surveillance and bugging are installed on satellites and on the possibilities for fiber-optic communication channels, on secure tunnels. Analysts process terabytes of data every minute. And at the right time it works,” – said Butusov.

Why Ukraine will not be able to use this fact

However, Ukraine will not be able to use this fact, says the journalist. According to him, “Echelon” does not want to disclose their sources: there are silent about where and at what level they penetrated the communications systems of Iran.

In addition, not every conversation can fasten the procedure and to use in court.

According to the journalist, NATO is likely to show only excerpts of the information without detail. Because although Ukraine globally and is involved in the exchange of information with the Alliance, the level of access the country is low.

Who really shot down the plane

Butusov wrote that the plane was shot down by the military a military-political organization, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. The journalist does not doubt that they will conceal their involvement in the offense. Despite the fact that the IRGC may directly affect any authorities in Iran.

“The revolutionary guards – the shock force in the war of Iran against the United States, and they will hide the involvement of the IRGC, otherwise, instead of war, the command of the IRGC will have to appear before the court”, – the journalist wrote.

He noted that the war with the United States is one of the tools of Iranian foreign policy. Iran is a country that seeks to dominate all countries of the Middle East where there are large Shiite communities.

To answer for a crime no one wants as it can lead to the disgraceful proceedings, the payment of billions of dollars of compensation.

The responsibility for this should fall on the leadership of the guard Corps. None of the generals, of course, does not want to answer

– added Butusov.

In addition, the Iranian leadership is aware that direct evidence of the West is not able to present. So ahead of a long trial, and during this time, Iran could build its line of defence. To do this, Tehran has launched a campaign of misinformation and were quick to blame Ukraine, saying unsubstantiated “technical causes of the disaster”.

Russian media began to spread a fake version of the alleged collision with the American Boeing drone that talks about the concerted actions of the two dictatorships,

the journalist summed up.

What is known about plane crash MAU in Iran

  • On the morning of 8 January, 8 minutes after takeoff from the airport of Imam Khomeini Ukrainian airline MAU crashed in Iran near Tehran. Awasuno followed in Borispol.
  • Killing all 176 people aboard the plane: this 167 passengers and 9 crew members. Among the victims were 11 Ukrainians: the entire crew and 2 passengers.
  • After the crash, flights to Iran stopped many airlines from around the world.
  • At the scene work of Ukrainian and foreign specialists are investigating the causes of the disaster and plan to return the bodies of Ukrainians home.

Possible causes of the crash MAU

  • A fire engine – a preliminary version of the causes of the disaster from the airport of Imam.
  • Aircraft fire due to technical problems – the data of the preliminary report of the Iranian civil aviation organization. It specified that the pilots tried to return to the airport, but the plane caught fire in the air, fell and exploded.
  • Version of engine failure is not yet confirmed, was reported by Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov.
  • Error of the crew in UIA deny.
  • A strike by a missile launched from the Iranian anti-aircraft missile complex “Thor” Russian production. Like the remains of a rocket found at the scene. The missile could be launched unintentionally.
  • Version of the missile strike, said the civil aviation Organization of Iran.
  • The plane actually shot down an Iranian missile – probably unintentionally. Such data research announced Trudeau, trump, Johnson and Morrison.
  • In the NSDC of Ukraine considers 7 versions of the reasons of the crash: 4 open and 3 “closed”. About any final conclusions, it is not until there is an investigation.
  • Investigators do not exclude that the plane crashed after being hit by a missile, but this version is not yet confirmed, so Ukraine is waiting for confirmation from Western countries, said President Vladimir Zelensky.

Почему Иран скрывает атаку на самолет МАУ: версия украинского журналиста

Почему Иран скрывает атаку на самолет МАУ: версия украинского журналиста

Почему Иран скрывает атаку на самолет МАУ: версия украинского журналиста

Почему Иран скрывает атаку на самолет МАУ: версия украинского журналиста