Why is “burn” the soles of the feet and how to get rid of it

Почему "горят" подошвы ног и как от этого избавиться

Burning soles of the feet. The causes of this phenomenon can be very different: from the banal fatigue to serious systemic disorders in the body. How to explain such a troublesome symptom in person?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling when feet are burning with fire and wants to throw shoes and relieve the fever, in one way or another overtakes all. However, when this phenomenon moves from single (for example, caused by a long pedestrian crossing, running around the shops or a long standing on his feet) in a regular category, it’s time to think about what actually causes it.

Burning soles of the feet in the following cases:

• Allergy to the materials from which manufactured socks, stockings, shoes or even the floor covering;

• vascular disease: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, endarteritis, autonomic dysfunction, some types of atherosclerosis;

• fungus and bacterial infection;

• flat feet;

• dysfunction of the endocrine system – diabetes;

• problems with metabolism – gout;

• lack of vitamins, especially those belonging to the group;

• pregnancy;

• uncomfortable, tight shoes.

When burning the soles of the feet at night and fatigue from a number of causes are eliminated, most likely, the day you had to relive stress. Strong mental stress, nervous exhaustion can also provoke this condition.

However, as the main reason to discard all of the above diseases, if the feet burn at night and interfere with sleep, still not worth it.

So, in order to be assured of the correct diagnosis, you need to consult a doctor. If the cause of the phenomenon known to us, and professionally confirmed, feeling of discomfort, you can try to eliminate by using simple tools that will not be in conflict with mainstream treatment. So, burning the soles of your feet shall assure the following simple techniques:

• contrast showers or baths – water temperature should be comfortable to travel and the procedure itself should be enjoyable. Change of water produced in 1-2 minutes, duration – 10-15 minutes;

• in the exacerbation of the condition and the appearance of pain, contrast baths make the infusion of herbs (wormwood, marigold and chamomile). Prepare the infusion rate of 1 or 2 tablespoons per liter of boiling water. Will be 10-15 such procedures;

• foot massage – welcome-massage when warming up each finger and all movements are performed from the toes to the heel. You can walk around the peas, fine gravel or use a specially provided for this applicators;

• inside useful to use:

– infusion of hawthorn (optimizes vascular permeability) – 2 tablespoons of dried or crushed fruits of hawthorn flowers pour 300 ml of boiling water, allow to brew, take 100 ml three times a day half an hour before meals;

– the infusion of horse chestnut (gets the blood pumping) – 2 tablespoons pour boiling water (0.5 l) and insist in a thermos. Drink during the day in the form of heat.

Now you know why burn the soles of the feet. The reason usually lies in the health problems. Acquainted with the ways of solving this problem, it will be easier to overcome this condition by resorting to a rather simple and available means. But, carried away by self, don’t do yourself harm and all counsel with the doctor.