Why is it forbidden to wash chicken eggs and as you treat them right

Почему запрещено мыть куриные яйца и как с ними правильно обращаться

Why not wash the eggs interested in the many mistresses, especially the most scrupulous, who, after a shop used to pan for all products before storage. Only experts revealed the essence of proper treatment with this product. It is not strange hygiene in this case can ruin eggs that will later cause harm to the human body.

Why should you wash eggs after purchase

Many Housewives make one mistake, after buying eggs at the store or home markets have lovely grandmothers, come home be sure to wash them. This is done not only out of love for purity, but the main reason is the fear of a serious infection of Salmonella. This danger comes from chicken that properly kept and fed. Carried eggs themselves are not dangerous, but this infection can be on their surfaces especially if they are present chicken manure. Since the shell may be infected with this serious infection, many Housewives make the same mistake this wash of the shell.

In Europe this problem seriously struggling. Before starting the eggs in the sale of their shell is the decontamination procedure. These eggs are not very good to use. Because it is unprotected from internal infections. Also greatly reduced shelf life.

Why not to wash eggs

No matter how desirable lovely women, such food as eggs stored in the refrigerator in their pure form. Wash them is not recommended. The thing is that in this product there is a special protective layer that when washing can disappear and thereby significantly reduce the shelf life of eggs. For example, eggs that have not been processed, can easily lie in a cool place for about 30 days, but washed less than a week.

With regards to the storage of eggs clear. But before using, experts still advise to wash them. Such measures will protect from dangerous infections that may be on the surface of the shell and cause the body severe problems. So if you decide to fry or boil eggs is to wash it, but store them better in their natural form.

Recommendations for storage and use of eggs

Every person before buying eggs have to be familiar with the rules of storage and use of this product. Such measures are necessary to protect yourself and family from the threat of catching a nasty infection like Salmonella.

Important nuances in the use of eggs for Housewives

Such food as eggs should have some defects. The shell protects it from infection directly into the food product. If there are cracks, it increases the chances of infections.

Using the eggs you need to completely get rid of her shell. All that interacted with her, you must give the treatment with detergent and vinegar.

Store the eggs you need in a cool place, the best thing is refrigerator. There they must not come into contact with other products. Also, experts advise not to store them on the door as the temperature there is constantly changing and there is a risk that the eggs will spoil.

Experts do not recommend to give preference to eggs from huge factory farms.

It turns out that cleanliness is not always useful. To protect yourself and your family from nasty infections when consuming eggs it is necessary to observe rules of storage and use of this product, then there is no danger from them will come.