Why is it so helpful to sleep naked even in winter

Почему так полезно спать нагишом даже зимой

You never wondered why the night will certainly need to wear pajamas? After all, you can perfectly do without it, to travel the realm of Morpheus. Why create artificial barriers between your body and the bed? In fact, sleeping naked is very useful: so improved sleep, you’ll even feel happier. In the end, the benefit of a night’s rest without underwear confirmed by science. Explain all the arguments.

The best sleep – in the costume of eve

Numerous studies of the nature of the dream suggests that staying in deep sleep human body temperature is lowered. All this happens naturally and is part of our circadian rhythm. Dressed on the night in unnecessary clothing, you disrupt the natural shift in body temperature, which can not affect your sleep cycle. And this fact certainly affects the quality of night rest. Since you can’t cool down, sleeplessness is guaranteed. But often no one connects these two circumstances.

Sleeping naked is always sexy

Waking up in the morning without a stitch on, you will already sexually configured. At first you will feel the coolness of sheets that can also be very sexy. And if to consider, that is close to your loved one… moreover, the sense of their own sexuality always helps to feel more confident. This circumstance testifies to your comfort. And the more you believe in yourself, the more attractive can be both for themselves and for others.

Sleep with no underwear was a provocation for sex

Preferring to sleep naked, can be prepared for what sex you will definitely be more. Going to bed in this form (and thus awakening) this provokes a pleasant experience. As a consequence, the relationship saturated with sex, more stable and bring more happiness. Agree: the lack of between you and your partner such obstacles as night clothes, already significantly increases the possibility of morning sex. And in the end, if you do not there are barriers in the clothing, obviously, and in intimate relationships you are deprived of any obstacles and long ago parted with all sorts of complexes, which significantly improves the quality of your sex.

A great way to get rid of fat on stomach

Sleep naked also helps to reduce fat deposits around your belly and even lower cholesterol. The fact that the natural lowering of body temperature in the night at the same time there is an increase in levels of the hormone cortisol – a regulator of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Accordingly, an increased amount of this hormone affects weight gain.

A healthy night’s sleep consists of 2 phases: first, our body restores strength with reduced cortisol levels, and later, closer to morning, when the body begins a new cycle of operation, this level increases. Therefore, in the morning, provided that the sleep was quality, so we are full of vigor.

However, if the sleep is interrupted (at least because of the inconvenience of a night in your pajamas), your body automatically starts to produce increased amount of hormone that affects weight gain. And the excess, respectively, is an activator of the increased appetite.

Sleep naked – it’s easy, very convenient and as it turns out, is helpful for quality sleep and overall health. Many see a benefit of one more Mercantile side: spend less Finance on pointless “costumes” for sleep. In General, all the arguments boil down to the fact that sleeping without underwear is elementary easier.