Why is Russia more like Ukrainian pop singers than domestic?

Почему в России больше любят украинских поп-исполнителей, чем отечественных?

If you like quality pop music, most likely, in your playlist a little Russian performers, but what about Ukrainian?

If you look, all the favorites of young people on the domestic pop scene is originally from the Ukraine: the opening of 2018 and Maruv KAZKA, the group “Time and Glass”, the Duo of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, Artik and Asti, Svetlana Loboda, Ivan Dorn, Elka, Dima Monatic, unusual singer Moon, Alekseev, Melovin, Max Barskih… the List goes on and on, and contrast them with the almost certain – Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev, Yes, perhaps, Polina Gagarina and group “Silver”.

Most of these performers sing in Russian, and many listeners are not even aware that they are Ukrainians. View the list of nominees of Muz-TV – immigrants from Ukraine there are more than Russian musicians. The qualifying round of Ukraine at “Eurovision” sounds more powerful than the finals overall. Despite the difficult relations between the two brotherly countries, the Ukrainian pop music remains a popular symbol of quality.

Ukrainian artists are not afraid to experiment, daring to mix styles and provocative imagery, but the success of the artist depends not so much it talent as the ability to apply it.

In the early 90s drag Queen famous Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko, aka Verka Serduchka. Decades later, Ivan Dorn ignites on stage in heels and a mini skirt for fun. Vivid clips of “Time and Glass” instantly become viral. Their recent commercials, and an eclectic video for “Drunk Groove” from Maruf for the year has been viewed more than 120 million people – comparable to the clips of world stars.

Maruv & Boosin – Drunk Groove

What is going on? The highlight of the Russian pop scene was Tatu – adolescent girls were in t-shirts with the inscription “X** war!”, showed the scene of the manifestation of unconventional love, and imagine, they are not judged for the promotion of homosexuality and sent to Eurovision, where they came back with third place.

20 years have passed, and now Russian artists – absolutely toothless, in terms of lyrics and music in terms of images. It’s either sweet boys, however, has long emerged from adolescence, or the next “singing cowards” under the protection of the Almighty producer, eager for women’s charms. And the fact that the first singles chart was occupied by the Ukrainians, that the Russian younger listeners tired of this situation.

What is the main reason of the superiority of Ukrainian over Russian business? According to Newsmir.info due to the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union the most eminent musical figures left to work in Russia. Ukraine has received a chance to “restart” the show-business from scratch, getting rid of Soviet patterns, which dictates the terms of musical authority.

As a result, in Ukraine there is no monopoly of the production units at the contents of the radio and music channels. The situation in the local music market dictate independent labels: Masterskaya mandrel, Kruzheva Music Yuri Bardash, Mozgi Entertainment Potap and dozens of lesser-known but pleasing listeners not lesser quality products. Free artists in search of ways of expression.

Ivan Dorn and Vakula – In my sleep

We have the opposite situation. Top pop music divided between the major music clans. Masters of the situation remain the major labels, to recall a recent revelation Elena Temnikova that after a quarrel with max Fadeev her songs refused to play live on the radio, fearing the wrath of the producer.

The “ukrop” diffuserwith gradually ossified with the Russian Estrada, has a positive effect on her and makes the audience forget about the nationality of artists and the differences – and this is the unifying power of music.

Почему в России больше любят украинских поп-исполнителей, чем отечественных?

Почему в России больше любят украинских поп-исполнителей, чем отечественных?

Почему в России больше любят украинских поп-исполнителей, чем отечественных?