Why is the camera on 108 megapixels are not needed

Почему камера на 108 мегапикселей не нужна

In 2019 a few major players in the market of mobile devices, including Apple, Samsung and Google, continue to use the camera on 12 megapixels in their flagship devices. And this is the account that the matrix 40 megapixels already available for many years, and not so long ago, Xiaomi announced the transition to 108 megapixels. But why is this indicator we have such a huge spread? And why is the camera on 108 megapixels – this is something that obviously will not be useful to you in the near future? Let’s deal.

More pixels = more data

The greater the resolution of the matrix has, the more data is fed for processing, which leads to a greater load on the components of the gadget and the shorter the battery life. This is especially true in the case if you take a lot of pictures and recorded videos on the smartphone. Higher resolution requires not only more computational power, but more memory and bandwidth. The problem is that if you don’t have a spacious memory card, you may have problems with the gallery of pictures, and something will either have to remove or pay for the storage of files in cloud storage. Indeed, in a free basic version much photos and videos will not save.

Nowhere to watch photos and videos taken by the camera 108 megapixels

Approximately the same applies to video. The recent announcement by Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC 865 brings with it the possibility of video in 8K. It should be noted that for shooting in 8K you’ll need a sensor with a resolution of about 33 megapixels. However, the 8K displays are just not available and not common enough to justify shooting in 8K. But even for “almost not existing” format is not required for the sensor to 108 megapixels.

Resolution is not important

The number of pixels in your matrix won’t make your pictures better. Much more important than dynamic range, color precision, work with lighting, image processing and so on. Below you can see a photo taken by smartphone cameras that have a matrix of 12 megapixels. Left Google Pixel first model, to the right on the Google Pixel 4.

Compare 12 megapixel camera 2016 and cameras from 2019 – another great way to illustrate how important other aspects of “photosystem”, and not just the number of pixels on mtrace. 4 Pixel grabs much more information about the color of the light and has better dynamic range. This is due to the latest hardware and software leap forward in software processing and development of HDR technology and not in building up points on the matrix.

Почему камера на 108 мегапикселей не нужна

Почему камера на 108 мегапикселей не нужна