Why is the coronavirus affects the sense of smell: the response of scientists

Почему коронавирус влияет на обоняние: ответ ученых

Scientists have discovered why COVID-19 affects the sense of smell. As you know, this symptom is one of the major primary diagnosis of the disease, says lenta.ua.

From the first days of observation of patients doctors found a set of major health disorders, indicating infection COVID-19. Many people claimed to have lost the sense of smell, although they continued to breathe through the nose, which were not recorded sputum.

Initially, experts have linked it with damage to the ACE2 receptor located on the surface of cells, but the neurons in this region did not suffer because of the action of the virus, as this protein on the surface of olfactory cells there. At the same time, they are on cells, implementing and supporting olfactory neurons.

Digging into the issue, scientists were able to understand the true cause of the loss of ability to smell. They noted that the virus selectively influencing on the Department responsible for the sense of smell, while not hindering breathing.

Scientists are convinced of the correctness, having studied sinus and nasal cavities using computed tomography. They found that the molecules of substances, emits a smell, can not penetrate to the receptors due to the swelling of the walls of the nose in a certain place and the arrival of the mucus. Once a man is on the mend, this symptom disappears.

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