Why Lama will never go to the Eurovision song contest: a surprise announcement of the soloist

Почему группа Lama никогда не поедет на Евровидение: неожиданное заявление солистки

Unchanged vocalist Natalia Zenkiv Lama commented on the popular singing show, the Eurovision song contest, the final of which will be held on Saturday, may 18. The star said that he would never have wanted to be on this stage.

Popular singing show, the Eurovision song contest-2019 has attracted a considerable attention of the world, because that is where little known artists can get the glory. However, not all singers dream of this competition.

To this category belongs the stars and lead singer of Lama are Natalia Zenkiv, which frankly in an interview with reporters LifeStyle 24 admitted that they would never have agreed to participate in this project. All because the artist does not seek to spend their hand at competitions, and devotes more time to his creativity.

It’s extra nerves and you spending your life in the wrong direction. So I better strengths going to waste in the Studio, recording new songs,
– admitted Natalia Zenkiv.

According to vocalist Lama, the team was invited to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest. It happened in 2016. However, such a proposal Natalia Zenkiv rejected, I do not know what to expect from this project.

“I originally understood that such contests are not the venue for my creativity. Don’t understand the show and what to expect. This to me was not to my liking. I was invited in 2016 (to take part in the Eurovision song contest – LifeStyle 24), I refused,” recalled Natalia Zenkiv.

In 2016 to conquer the stage of the Eurovision song contest went singer Jamal. The actress spoke with the heartfelt song “1944” and won the victory for Ukraine. However, according to Natalia Zenkiv, with the competition are returned not all. For example, the group Greenjolly, who came to the show with the song “Razom NAS bagato”, in fact, ceased to exist.

Well, when you go there, everything is paid with dignity. And so: why go there? And when you win there, if that goes, then come back as a hero of Ukraine, and will get some kind of 20-th place – erase in ash. As “Greenjolly”, group actually not after Eurovision
– said Natalia Zenkiv.

In 2019, Ukraine refused to participate in Eurovision-2019. All because the representatives of NCTU and singer MARUV, which won the national selection, agree on all issues, and not signed the contract.