Why lazy people more successful than workaholics

Почему лентяи успешнее трудоголиков

From childhood we were taught that “patience and a little effort”, but lazy to be shameful. We tried to convince that people do not suffer workaholism, find themselves on the margins of life and usually do not achieve.

However, all these allegations – no more than outdated stereotypes. Sometimes lazy people are much more successful than their more active peers. Why? Find Out The “Rambler”.

Creative thinking

There is nothing worse for a lazy, than to spend a few days on one task. That is why they use all your brain to figure out how to reach his aim in the shortest possible time. Due to this, and develops creative thinking. It is no coincidence that even scientists confirm that many brilliant ideas come to mind to those who are trying to save your energy and time.


While workaholics begin to tackle the task immediately, the lazy save it all for the last moment. But when it really is impossible to resist the work, they wonder: “do I have to do this?”. Sometimes very useful to ask yourself such things: in the course of meditation you may find that you have to leave the unloved work or change the circle.

Minimizing stress

People who don’t know laziness can work up a sweat without days off and holidays. They again and again took it on himself dozens of duties, thinking that the only way to achieve success. But in the end, excessive workaholism can lead only to a nervous breakdown.

Lazy also differ in that you never deny yourself deserved rest, knowing how important it is for their body. As a result, they often manage to keep a positive attitude avoid stressful situations and enjoy the little things.