Why liquid instead of the need to buy solid soap

Почему вместо жидкого надо покупать твердое мыло

Last year it was believed that a piece of solid soap, which lies on a shelf in the bathroom is old-fashioned. But now dish has become a compulsory subject in the bathroom. A large variety of this product attracts both beauty experts and ordinary families.

As noted by Vogue, according to statistics from Kantar Worldpanel, in 2019 many beauty experts and fashionistas began to massively refuse from liquid soap to solid use.

In particular, in 2019, sales of bar soap increased by three percent, and some stores noted a jump to seven percent. The reason why is quite simple.

It turns out that consumers choose items without plastic packaging. So, just changing your liquid soap is solid, you can minimize the amount of waste. In addition, a lump of soap, you can replace not only a means for washing hands, but also a facial wash and shower gel.