Why malls are possible, and there is no nursery – parents angry because of the closed groups in kindergartens

Почему развлекательным центрам можно, а яслям нет - родители негодуют из-за закрытых групп в детсадах

In Melitopol at the next stage of quarantine exemptions earned children’s activity centres. But with some limitations. However, preschools are still not working at full capacity. Parents are outraged, they say, is why children’s entertainment centers, and kindergartens – no.

Recall, trading centers are required to adhere to sanitary standards: apply markup to the boundary in areas of likely accumulation, to arrange the points of temperature control and sanitizer on inputs, allow the work of the staff only in masks, to put the visitors in protective masks, regularly disinfected and sanitized areas. In Melitopol opened the doors of a children’s entertainment center Fly Kids.

Young visitors were yesterday. According to employees at the entrance the children measure the temperature. Within the imposed constraints – are marked. Every two hours disinfected with special solutions. Adults should be masked. You can remove them only at the table. But kids can be without personal protective equipment. With regard to the limitation in the number of kids that both can be in the room in the entertainment center noted that initially adhered to the rules, but now people are “pushed”, so make it pretty difficult.

Parents of kids who can’t get into the garden, angry. And it is clear. After all, logic is no. The city’s entertainment centers, children just each other’s heads, and in kindergartens to open additional groups not in a hurry. A hostage situation was the parents of special babies and toddlers nursery age children in kindergarten do not take. Corrective groups opened only speech therapy.

The problem journalists give voice to parents who can’t put the kids in daycare. At the same time, the Executive Committee reported that no rush with shortage of places in kindergartens is not. It is possible that in kindergartens decided not to voice the existing problems so as not to upset city officials. How else to understand complaints to the editor.