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Чому болить шия: симптоми корінцевого синдрому - 24 Канал

Pain in the cervical spine can often pay more in the arm, collarbone. This is due to the fact that nerve endings zaselyalsya damaged or displaced vertebrae of the cervical.

This was told by the osteopath Irina Pakhomova, reports Оbozrevatel.

Radicular syndrome is a neurological syndrome that occurs due to the compression of spinal nerves (spinal roots).

The symptoms of radicular syndrome:

– cervical pain syndrome extends to the scapula, after which can reach up to the forearms and chest;

– can’t lift your arm, the pain becomes unbearable;

fingers stop obeying, the skin is numb, you feel “tingling”;

– several hours and even days suffer from headaches and neck pain;

Чому болить шия: симптоми корінцевого синдрому - 24 Канал

The symptoms of radicular syndrome

8 vertebrae: interesting facts about violations in each of them

1. I and II the roots are not prone to pathological changes.

2. III can give pain lumbago syndrome inflammation of the hypoglossal nerve. As a consequence, there may be difficulty in chewing may increase and swell the tongue.

3. IV root will give pain in the area of shoulder girdle and shoulders.

4. Together III and IV can lead to labored swallowing, prolonged hiccups. Can go all the way to the liver.

5. V root will not allow to take your arm to the side without feeling pain in the muscles.

6. VI will give pain in the neck, top of shoulders and forearm. To give the pain in the first finger.

7. VII vertebra most often bother patients. The pain is localized behind the shoulder and falls down to the second and third fingers.

Чому болить шия: симптоми корінцевого синдрому - 24 Канал

8. VIII diseases of the spine will give the sensation of pain in the area of the inner surface of the hand that can reach the little finger. Fingers can often “whining”, especially in the changing weather.

Radicular syndrome can be treated, but it is important to consult a doctor.

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