Why not give a knife: causes and beliefs

Почему нельзя дарить нож: причины и поверья

A hundred or a thousand years ago humanity came to the conclusion that the knife in the form of a gift, like a watch, means the destruction of relationships. In other words, the knife metaphorically “cut to” ties that bind two people. The effect will be even worse if the beneficiary is your important friend. According to legends, the love ends soon after the knife will be gifted on a birthday or, even worse, will become a wedding gift and weaken the bond of marriage.

In addition, the knife is a frequent contributor to all sorts of magical rites and rituals, it is also still used for sacrifices in different countries. It is believed that the blade can absorb dark energy and store it. That is why many people can not understand the gift, and sometimes frightened, what brought wants to somehow affect the lives and well-being of the birthday.

Another fact, which must not be forgotten. The knife is a weapon not meant for good purposes. It symbolizes war, trauma and injury. Surely any person will be able to find an alternative to this gift, even if the recipient is famous for his love of melee weapons.

Knife: bad luck vs

The myth that knives is a failure, is widespread in some cultures. But in others, the knives are actually good luck.

For example, in Finland, receiving a puukko (Finnish belt knife) as a gift is considered an honor, and in the United States many parents giving knives to their children as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Here are a few myths about knives in other cultures:

  • A knife is considered a great protection against fairies and curses.
  • A knife inserted in the headboard of the child, have to protect him.
  • A knife under the bed, mother will ease the pain of childbirth.

How to give a knife?

That’s why long before rationality and science began to replace superstition, began the tradition in which those who give a knife, also attach a coin to the blade. Even five cents will do. The recipient of the knife then gives the penny to the giver, thereby “paying” her for the knife and keeping the relationship intact.

In more modern times, a penny is always considered good luck.

Before there were metal money, to find any kind of metal seemed a fortune, a gift from the gods. Thus, a coin or penny, a gift with a knife, as if to negate its negative value.

Thus, in addition to providing the recipient with opportunities to symbolically buy a blade for a coin, the coin gives you the luck to undo the failure of the knife.

The superstition still so well known that the Japanese Cutler, Masakage keeps in boxes with knives, the coin in five yen.

So whether or not you include a gift of a penny or another coin?

In the end, in the court 2020, and a real fan knows that a quality knife is a fantastic gift. Such a present is not a misfortune, it is really a good gift to the right person.

However, if you know that the recipient of a few superstitious – or you just want to tell the story of the coin with the knife then give him a gift, attaching a coin.

It can make your already excellent gift much more memorable.