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Чому не можна довго сидіти на унітазі - 24 Канал

Proctologist Mariana Artova notes that the long habit of sitting on the toilet can cause a range of diseases.

This writes MedOboz.

During prolonged sitting occurs stagnation of blood circulation of pelvic organs due to compression of the sciatic nerve numb foot.

Чому не можна довго сидіти на унітазі - 24 Канал

For long periods of sitting may be problems:

– diseases of the perineum and rectum: hemorrhoids, rectocele, prolapse of the mucous membrane, and even rectal prolapse;

– violation of the sensitivity of the ampoule of the rectum that can cause change in the sensation of urge to defecate;

the violation of innervation (provision of organs and tissues of the nerves) of the pelvis and lower extremities;

impaired venous and lymphatic drainage in the pelvis and lower extremities that can lead to varicose veins and lymphedema;

So the proctologist advises to sit on the toilet no more than 3-5 minutes, if there is no violation of the chair.

Чому не можна довго сидіти на унітазі - 24 Канал
What problems can arise from sitting too long on the toilet

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