Why “penny” better “Grants”: the Blogger tested the old VAZ-2101

Почему «Копейка» лучше «Гранты»: Блогер протестировал старый ВАЗ-2101

49 years ago, rolled off the first copies of the VAZ-2101. The characteristics and advantages of the first model of the Volga automobile plant told the blogger.

Leading channel “Behind the wheel” was told that in fact the well-known “penny” was well adapted to local conditions the Fiat 124: the “fangs” on the front bumper, a special “Boat” moved from wing to front door side mirror.

Power plant, “Lada” was a motor with overhead camshaft, a capacity of 1.2 liters and output of 64 horsepower. The capabilities of this engine even by the standards of the 70-ies was already very close, but “Zhiguli” is not lagged dynamics from the “Moskvich-412” with a 1.5-liter engine. The secret is in the gearbox: wisely selected gear ratios and clear the shift mechanism. Until relatively recently, motorists rejoiced improved cable gearbox front-wheel drive “Grants” and “Kalina” and because “penny” had it 50 years ago.

Than the VAZ-2101 favorably with “Muscovite” and even “Volga” – is a more stylish interior, which felt Italian roots. Radio in those days was very good – the Hungarian Videoton RD-3602.

After a trip to “Penny” the blogger noted that planting it is not too comfortable for the driver: if the pedals are too close and wheel away, over time the back becomes numb and neck hurts. Handling is not the most satisfactory in comparison with modern cars – according to the author, there is the work of each mechanism. But suspension worthy even by today’s standards, and with those big glasses don’t need any camera.

Почему «Копейка» лучше «Гранты»: Блогер протестировал старый ВАЗ-2101

Почему «Копейка» лучше «Гранты»: Блогер протестировал старый ВАЗ-2101