Why people are attracted to horror movies and panic room – 24 Channel

Чому людей приваблюють фільми жахів та кімнати страху - 24 Канал

Scientists decided to find out why people are willing to pay for fear and buy tickets for horror movies and panic room.

They conducted a survey among nearly 300 people, writes The conversation.

The volunteers were asked about feelings, experiences and expectations before and after visiting the attraction “haunted House”.

After the experience of fear and excitement, the respondents reported improved mood and felt less anxious and tired than before visiting the attraction.


Also, scientists tracked the brain activity of hundreds of volunteers during performance of various cognitive tasks. The procedure took place 15 minutes before the visiting “haunted Houses” and 15 minutes after the ride.

It turns out that the experienced fear and nervous tension contributed to the improvement of the functioning of the brain while solving cognitive tasks.

Interesting was the fact that the feeling of joy was varied with experiencing emotions – the scarier the better feel after.

According to individual volunteers, so they challenged their own fears and learned new things about myself.


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