Why people sweat in the night

Почему люди потеют ночью

If you’re concerned about sweating during the night time, stop hesitating and understand the possible causes. The only way to get rid of wet sheets and pillows forever. Writes about this edition of The Challenger.

If your bedroom is stuffy or you love to sleep in warm pajamas, in this case a night sweat is a normal reaction of the body. If the conditions of sleep all right, but nevertheless in the morning you Wake up in a sweat, it’s a signal – you should see a specialist. The doctor will examine your medical history and will consider the results of tests to find true cause of excessive sweating. Here are just some of the possible.


The most common medications that can cause night sweats, antidepressants. It is noted that 8 to 22% of people taking antidepressants, excessive sweating at night. As a rule, after the end of the reception of the sweating returning to normal. You can deal with night sweating when taken antipyretics, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and so on.


Hormonal changes, decrease in estrogen levels in the blood lead to hot flashes, which can occur not only during the day and night. This is the most common cause of night sweat in women.


Hypoglycemia – an abnormal condition of the body in which blood sugar is lowered. In the day time a person takes insulin or other oral antidiabetic drugs, but to regulate the blood glucose level in the dream state it is impossible. Comes to the aid of the body, which reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood reacts with the adrenaline rush that is accompanied by sweating. It often happens that such manifestations of hypoglycemia awaken the person.

Hormonal disorders

The right balance of hormones in the body responsible for maintaining potovydelenie system. Failures in one or more of the endocrine glands often lead to increased amounts of secreted sweat, even at night, when metabolism slows and body temperature decreases.

Night sweats can be a warning bell to undergo an examination by an oncologist. Some types of cancer, such as lymphoma, night sweats is one of the early symptoms. However, most often in people with undiagnosed cancer, there is also a sharp decrease in weight and fever.


Often night sweating is associated with the classical tuberculosis. But it is necessary to familiarize with the list of other infectious diseases, which can lead, especially in the chronic stage, night sweats. Pneumonia, chronic tonsillitis in the acute fungal infection of internal organs, infectious mononucleosis and even HIV.

Of the disease’s neurological

Sweating is enhanced by stimulation of the sympathetic nerves. So often neurological diseases such as autonomic dysreflexia or post-traumatic syringomyelia, can cause increased sweating at night. But don’t be scared, this diagnosis is made in case of serious pathologies, such as damage to the spinal cord in injuries of the spine.