Why Roman with Buzova Manukyan – true love?

Почему роман Бузовой с Манукяном - настоящая любовь?

In a short period of the relationship the couple Buzova-Manoukian, a host of fans that the stars are constantly encouraging joint songs, romantic images and videos about love and relationships.

It turns out, Olga has finally found her Prince? Newsmir.info thinking about why relations Olga Buzova and David Manukyan – it is really durable and long-lasting Union.

In search of love

The life of Olga for many years connected with the search of love, from the time of her participation in the TV project “Dom-2”. After a failed marriage Buzova tried other “bachelor” TV show, but the finalist of the project “Marry Buzova” cruelly deceived her. Participation in the show “Plan B” also produced no results. Despite the fact that the media attributed to her novels with Timur by Batrutdinov and Oleg Miami, Buzova was alone. Met Manukyan, who all happened quickly and successfully, Olga hardly let him go.

David and Olga looks really happy

Relations, shrouded in mystery

Despite the abundance of romantic photos to Instagram from both halves, highlights of the relationships Buzova and David from the public is still hiding. Fans literally build conspiracy theories, trying to match the holiday lovers in Thailand with a honeymoon, and jewelry on the hands with wedding rings. However, Buzova Manukyan remain silent.

UN-publicity – the key to a lasting Union. That is why many lovers are literally the last to keep their secrets. So after 13 years of joint work secretly got engaged Potap and Nastya Kamensky, extremely surprising his fans. The feelings of the artists towards each other, fans of the Duo has long been noted, but no evidence of this was not. Now it became clear: Potap and Nastya just did not want to “jinx” their joint happiness. Perhaps Buzova and David are guided by the same principle, because “happiness loves silence”.

On the same wavelength

Soon after the pair announced their relationship, networking is literally overflowing with creativity Buzova and Manoukian. It can be concluded that the shooting of the sketches in Instagram, videos in TikTok and joint songs YouTube videos really bring lovers pleasure. Buzova and Manukyan are on the same wavelength and understand each other not only in life but in art.

Olga Buzova and DAVA – Tangerine

Engaging in joint creativity, it is not easy to preserve harmony, and perhaps Buzova and David will be the exception to the rule, like it happened with Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. For many years they are able to be engaged in show business and to keep harmony in the family.

The Opposite Tarasov

After the divorce, Dmitry sued Olga all his gifts and marital property. In addition, he drove his wife to the complexes, and she almost went under the surgeon’s knife, but changed his mind in time. A negative image of the ex-husband Oli, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, developed not only from the stories of the singer. In addition, the athlete not paying child support and another ex – wife Oksana.

Obviously, the player doesn’t value women who are close to him in Other words, to Tarasov for his actions skeptical not only in media but also in people. Fans of Oli I have no doubt that sooner or later he will leave and Anastasia Kostenko from my children for more fresh girls. David has proved to be simple and a generous guy who is ready to give a lot to his girlfriend, despite the fact that it is, and so earns millions and doesn’t need anything.

In other words, Olga Buzova and David Manukyan is really all the chances to live a long and happy life. However, how will the relations of this pair in the future, we can only speculate. With another glance at a couple Buzova and Manukian can be found in this material.

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Почему роман Бузовой с Манукяном - настоящая любовь?

Почему роман Бузовой с Манукяном - настоящая любовь?