Why Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Satellite V” is leading in the global race

Почему российская вакцина против коронавируса "Спутник V" не лидирует в глобальной гонке

The launch of “Sputnik-V” (so-called Russian vaccine candidate) are all surprised, although, according to Russian health authorities, the vaccine will go into circulation only January 2021. This puts it in a better position in the race for the creation of long-awaited funds from Covid-19 – writes Le Figaro.

“The who cites more than 140 projects. And 28 are at the stage of clinical testing, which consists of three stages of evaluation. 6 have already reached the finish line and began the recruitment of volunteers for the third phase. This is the last stage of clinical testing, which involves groups of up to several hundred people. (Which corresponds to the statements of the Russian authorities about the medical staff). Among them, the American startup Moderna, as well as the British from Oxford University with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the Germans from the company BioNTech in Alliance with Pfizer (USA) and, finally, the three Chinese groups: Sinovac, Institutes of Virology in Wuhan and Beijing. “The third phase was effective, the virus needs to circulate widely, explains Camille Locht, leading researcher of the National Institute of health and medical research at the Pasteur Institute in Lille. You need to have the ability to test a large number of people that can be infected”. That’s why most of these vaccines are currently undergoing testing in countries such as Brazil, USA or South Africa,” reads the article.

“Projects are based on different approaches, i.e. different types of vaccines. The team from Oxford have decided to use a modified chimpanzee adenovirus, by embedding in it a portion of the genome of Sars-CoV-2, in order to achieve immunization. Positive results have been published in the latest issue of The Lancet of July 20. Three Chinese laboratories using classical technology, which consists in the inoculation of inactivated virus Sars-Cov-2. The process of making and production is quite complicated, but its advantage is that it is already known. Americans from Moderna and the Alliance BioNTech-Pfizer has developed a different method that is more innovative and unique to the human body. This vaccine, known as RNA vaccine vector without virus and should facilitate more rapid development of immunity”, – said the author.

“Russian project presented by Vladimir Putin, developed by the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamalei in Moscow. As in Oxford, there used adenovirus. In the international registers of clinical testing is officially only in the first phase, which checks the safety of the vaccine for whom it is entered, writes Le Figaro. “The vaccine might have gone further, and has successfully passed the first and second phase, says Camille Locht. But the statement by Vladimir Putin that the vaccine is ready, it is at best unclear, and at worst manipulation”.

“The statement of Russia can lead to confusion, but it should not obscure the fact that research on the development of a vaccine against Covid-19 moving particularly fast. The number of scientific publications, testifying to the success of the clinical phase, grows,” says the journalist. “Typically, the development of a vaccine takes about ten years – says Camilla Loht. – We can only be glad that things are going faster and many results appear to be promising”.

“Despite the fact that decided to declare Vladimir Putin, Russia (yet?) didn’t win the race, but it remains difficult to determine who is really in the best position, – says the publication. “Vaccines based on RNA-intermediary innovative – analyses Marie-Paule KIEN, a leading researcher at the National Institute of health and medical research and President of the Committee for vaccines against Covid-19 in France. – They showed some interesting results on people during the first phase, confirmed in rhesus monkeys. It’s very cool, but to be sure yet. However, to consider the creation of a vaccine in 2021 is possible. I am a rational optimist”.