Why should we have strawberries

Почему нужно обязательно есть клубнику

Strawberry has many useful properties. In particular, this berry helps maintain clarity of mind. It is proved by scientists of the laboratory of cellular Microbiology. The Salk in La JOLLA (California, USA), reports newsyou.info.

Scientists have noted that strawberries contain fisetin – a substance that can fight memory loss with a developing Alzheimer’s disease.

The experiments also revealed that strawberries slow down the aging process at the cellular level.

In addition, strawberries contain substances anthocyanins a class of flavonoids that are beneficial acting on the heart muscle. Regular consumption of these berries is more than 30 percent reduces the risk of heart attack in women.

And even strawberries contain pectin, promotes digestion and helps in combating bad cholesterol. Folic acid and iron, calcium and phosphorus, manganese and potassium, which are also rich in strawberries. you will never lose heart, courage, strengthen the immune system. Specifically the potassium contained in these berries high blood pressure are required to reduce the pressure.

Strawberries are not contraindicated, even diabetics as it is very low in sugar. American movie stars, by the way, often practicing the strawberry diet. Thanks to the information contained in strawberries vitamins C and PP, this berry strengthens the immune, nervous and vascular system. Having a diuretic effect, it reduces swelling. Also strawberries are useful in cleansing the bowel.

Strawberries and essential for vision. Just one serving of berries contains more than 50 mg of vitamin C, which corresponds to half of the daily requirement for humans. If you eat daily even half the norm, this will prevent the clouding of the lens and relieve from blindness.